Joe Hendry: The prestige of British wrestling in 2017


2017 has been an amazing year for British wrestling. The inception of the WWE United Kingdom Championship, British stars shining globally, but more importantly the reputation it has developed.

Promotions such as WCPW, ICW and Progress have all contributed to a wonderful 2017, for British wrestling.

But one British wrestler comes to mind, when talking about the pinnical of British wrestling: Joe Hendry.

Joe Hendry: The Prestigious One

2017 has been Joe Hendry’s year. Once known as the “Local hero”, Hendry has adopted one of wrestling’s best kept personas in a long time; the prestigious one.

Alongside Joe Coffey, Travis Banks, El Ligero and BT Gunn, The Prestige have been one of British wrestling’s most dominant stables this year. Also, Hendry won his first WCPW Championship back in April, beginning the reign of prestige, which became a huge part of the Newcastle based wrestling promotion.

For the first time in his ICW career, Hendry finally took the prestige to his homeland of Scotland with him. In time there is no doubt that Hendry will become ICW Champion someday, thus Scotland shall witness the rising era of the prestigious one.

2017 was only the beginning…….

To his credit, Joe Hendry has been one of British wrestling’s biggest stars this year. Boasting a strong 2017 with championship reigns in various promotions, one has to wonder what is next for the prestigious one?

Now with Defiant Wrestling and its launch just around the corner, there appears to be more on the horizon for Hendry, as we end 2017 and now head into 2018.