Film Review – 47 Metres Down (2017)

Film Review – 47 Metres Down (2017)

47 Metres Down is the newest release from Entertainment One. Starring Claire Holt (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals) and Mandy Moore (Tangled, This Is Us). Following the story of two sisters who are on vacation together and deice to do something wild, in this case, Cage diving with sharks. This adventure turns into a nightmare when the chain securing the cage to the boat snaps and the two go plummeting to the bottom of the ocean, 47 Metres Down. With limited oxygen, and signal issues with their radio communication is little, t there biggest problem is the man-eating sharks swimming above and around them.

Going into this film ill be honest I really did not know what to expect as I had heard very mixed things from critics, but as usual, I went into the film with an open mind and I came out really enjoying it.

It wasn’t as bad as people made out. In fact, I thought it done its job very well. There was thrills, excitement and tension throughout. However, an interesting thought came to mind while watching this film. Given that, although Moore and Holt are equally successful in their television work they haven’t quite hit the silver screen fan base yeah (although they both have been in successful indie or voice roles). So when thinking this film had gotten a wide release in UK cinemas I was pretty shocked. I then look the film for how I was watching it (from DVD) and suddenly the film seemed very fitting.

Honestly, this felt like that it wouldn’t have been panned as badly if it was just released directly to DVD as like I said that film suited that market and didn’t have a theatrical look to it. This is in no way a criticism, in fact, it’s a compliment as with the rise of streaming media it would have fitted in well on that platform. And likely would have seen more positive feed bad.

Overall this film was really fun and had a lot going for it. I think it has yet to find its fans but I know a lot of people who have seen it and liked it.

47 Metres Down is a fun, Thrilling and a good Friday Night horror

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Adventure, Thriller | USA, 2017 | 15 | 27th November 2017 (UK DVD) | Entertainment One | Dir.Johnannes Roberts | Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, Matthew Modine | Buy:47 Metres Down [DVD]

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