Criminally Good Movie Heists [Infographics]


The crime genre has always been a favourite of Hollywood filmmakers and cinemagoers. The juxtaposition of a glitzy, glamourous lifestyle with the ill-gotten gains that fund it makes for compelling stories.

Within this niche there are few things more thrilling than a well-executed heist. Regardless of whether you’re backing law enforcement or a charming crew of thieves, the excitement of the event itself is often worth building an entire film towards.

Following the twists and turns of a complicated robbery plot has proved popular enough with audiences to churn out countless variations on the theme with heists taking place everywhere from banks and jewellers to high roller casinos and sports stadiums.

Even if the attempt is ultimately unsuccessful, it’s great to be along for the ride. So, without further ado, here are five of the most criminally good heists in modern movies courtesy of Money Guru…
Criminally Good Movie Heists

Criminally Good Movie Heists, courtesy of