WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 Preview

This Sunday, WWE Hell in a Cell emulates live from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan. This PPV is a Smackdown Live! exclusive.

Here is a preview for WWE Hell in a Cell 2017.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 Preview

Shane McMahon VS Kevin Owens: Falls Count Anywhere Hell in a Cell Match

Firstly, Shane McMahon is going to jump of the cell, it is a given! However despite the obvious commodity of the match being Shane’s insanity, the stipulation has left many of us confused.

The Hell in a Cell is a structure to which traps people, so they can settle their differences right? So the purpose of having a Falls Count Anywhere stipulation in this match, seemingly defeats the purpose of this bout.

As for Kevin Owens, there is no doubt in my mind that he has played a class heel during this feud. Attacking Vince McMahon the other week, KO has intensified this feud more than any other superstar would have. No question that KO has been the perfect rival to Shane for this feud.

While we may still be somewhat confused, I am expecting Kevin Owens to win this bout. But let us keep an open mind about this contest, as it might get a bit crazy!

Prediction: Kevin Owens to defeat Shane McMahon.

Jinder Mahal VS Shinsuke Nakamura: WWE Championship

Yikes, this feud has not been inspiring by any means! By all accounts Jinder Mahal being WWE Champion has worn-off. I do not say that as an insult, more of a general feeling amongst fans. His controversial promo the other week did him no favors.

On the other hand, Shinsuke Nakamura feels far too underwhelming at this point. Nakamura is without doubt a top-tier superstar in WWE. Thus with that in mind, perhaps it is time for the company to shift the title simply for their own benefit.

I firmly believe we shall see Shinsuke Nakamura win the WWE Championship at WWE Hell in a Cell, ending Jinder Mahal’s unfortunately uninspiring tenure as champion.

Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura to defeat Jinder Mahal to become WWE Champion.

AJ Styles VS Baron Corbin: WWE United States Championship

Baron Corbin might be down the pecking order in the company, but what if he were to win the WWE United States Championship at Hell in a Cell?

Since losing the Money in the Bank briefcase, Corbin has been made to look like a joke for the majority of his time on WWE TV. Realistically though it is tough to have bad match against AJ Styles! Thus perhaps Corbin’s calling to defeat Styles at Hell in a Cell is on the horizon.

Logically I believe putting the US Champion on Corbin would make sense. This is because I believe WWE are planning to build for AJ Styles VS Shinsuke Nakamura, potentially at Wrestlemania 34. Additionally I also believe it will be for the WWE Championship.

Therefore with all this in mind, I believe Baron Corbin will walk out of Hell in a Cell the new WWE United States Champion.

Prediction: Baron Corbin to defeat AJ Styles to become WWE United States Champion.

The New Day VS The Usos: Hell in a Cell for the WWE Smackdown Live! Tag Team Champions

Since their arrival to Smackdown Live! the New Day have been a valuable member of the brand’s tag team division. Also let us not forget how great The Usos have been in this feud, as they both the blue-brands top stables.

Seemingly for the final time, both teams shall battle in Hell in a Cell for the WWE Smackdown Live! Tag Team Champions, a match that has the potential to be match of the night. Each time both teams have faced-off, they have had some wonderful bouts, most notably at WWE Summerslam in August.

The New Day are no strangers to long reigns as champions, thus I believe they shall leave victorious and remain WWE Smackdown Live! Tag Team Champions.

Prediction: New Day to defeat The Usos to retain the WWE Smackdown Live! Tag Team Champions.

Natalya VS Charlotte Flair: WWE Smackdown Live! Women’s Championship

It is great to have Charlotte Flair back on Smackdown Live! She shall do battle with Natalya at Hell in a Cell for the WWE Smackdown Live! Women’s Championship.

Since winning the title at WWE Summerslam, Natayla has been a solid champion. The veteran has held the title valiantly, which is something she has always been capable of for many years. However I reckon it is time for Charlotte to reign supreme once more.

We can expect a good contest between two sound wrestlers in this one, and maybe even a new champion.

I am with Charlotte Flair to win the WWE Smackdown Live! Women’s Championship.

Prediction: Charlotte Flair to defeat Natayla to become WWE Smackdown Live! Women’s Champion.

Bobby Roode VS Dolph Ziggler

Making his Smackdown Live! PPV debut, Bobby Roode shall face Dolph Ziggler one and one, and he might have his entrance stolen!

At this point it is evident WWE are throwing whatever they can at Ziggler. Since turning heel he has been displaying a parody of WWE superstars, which is immediately a sign of not knowing what to do with a superstar.

Whereas Bobby Roode has all the momentum in his stride, with big things on the horizon for the Glorious one. There has not been a lot of build in this one, but this bout is not the only time these two shall square-off.

For me, I believe Bobby Roode shall defeat Dolph Ziggler.

Prediction: Bobby Roode to defeat Dolph Ziggler.

Randy Orton VS Rusev

In light of recent comments made by Randy Orton, his match with Rusev at Hell in a Cell shall be interesting, to say the least.

Both superstars have not been on memorable runs as of late, especially Rusev who has fallen off WWE’s top-tier. Remember these two have faced-off recently…… in a bout lasting less than a minute at WWE Summerslam.

With not too much to go on even at this point, I am with a Rusev win as he shall defeat Randy Orton.

Prediction: Rusev to defeat Randy Orton.

*Pre-show* The Hype Bros VS Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable

Is the “Hype” over? Is this the last of The Hype Bros we see? As of late Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley have not quite been on the same page. Furthermore the two have been eager to set the record straight by gaining one vital victory.

Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable are great to watch, and hopefully in the tag team champion scene sometime soon.

But at Hell in a Cell, The Hype Bros are my favorites to win, as I believe they shall win in a heelish manner, to setup a potential heel-turn for the team.

Prediction: The Hype Bros to defeat Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable.