What To Eat In The Apocalypse

What To Eat In The Apocalypse

Finally this Monday 23rd October (Sunday in North America) the long wait is over and the war will start when The Walking Dead returns to our TV Screens.

After Season 7 which was a big mixed bag of emotions for many fans cannot wait for Season 8 as we are about to start one of the comic books most popular stories ‘All Out War’. The promos do show this season will be more action-packed, explosive. We do however want to put the upcoming season to one side for a few moments and look at something important.

We may have been watching the show for nearly 8 years but in real time it’s only been 2 years since we watched Rick Grimes waking up in a hospital. If you’ve survived this long you’re either been damn lucky or you did know what to do in an emergency. After you have created yourself a base to live, something to protect you and a food supply, so how’s the food supply?

In The Walking Dead as we know it was a virus that plagued the population, so only the walkers and possibly other survivors to protect you from. Your food supply be it from scavenger hunts possibly from vegetable gardens but things will dry up, things go out of date. So this is when knowledge of foods comes into effect but don’t worry Date Label has the answer.

Taking into effect all the different apocalyptic events witnessed in movieland (28 Days Later, Mad Max, I Am Legend, etc…) and created an interesting infographic called ‘What To Eat In The Apocalypse‘. They take into consideration the foods you may have, potential weather and geographic conditions. Nothing is 100% foolproof, but the following guidelines might just help you survive the apocalypse as long as possible. So before you go and stock food away have  a look at the infographic below. [source: Date Label]

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