What does the future hold for the NWA under Billy Corgan?

As of October 1st 2017, Billy Corgan officially took control of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). Now with the American Musician in the helm; what next for the NWA?

NWA: The once prestigious forefather of professional wrestling

The NWA (National Wrestling Alliance)- that should ring a bell, if you are old school! The once prestigious and famous wrestling promotion, which propped-up professional wrestling in the United States, has been all but forgotten- until now?

In recent weeks since Billy Corgan acquired the NWA, the promotion has been the centre of several stories. For many this probably feels like the unearthing of a relic, as the NWA has remained out of the mainstream wrestling scene for well over 20 years.

However in more modern times, the NWA has seemingly fallen off the face of the wrestling scene all together. While a comeback to the mainstream height it once endured, could the NWA potentially be making their mark in the industry once again under Corgan?

What will the Billy Corgan era bring for NWA?

Speaking to WrestlingInc.com, Billy Corgan stated that he intends to provide free NWA shows online. Corgan also stated that this is to build a foundation, which would hopefully attract new fans. It was also noted that Corgan wanted to focus on TV production, rather than shows for starters.

As for regular NWA shows, Corgan told revealed that the promotion shall aim to put shows on by the spring. At this point nothing within this realm is set in stone, but we do know that Corgan intends to essentially bring in new fans, potentially of a newer demographic.

So what next for the NWA? Where does the former prestigious promotion go from here? Is there a revival on the horizon?