Watch Terrifier UK Trailer ‘Art Of Clowning’ Has It’s New ‘Terrifying Master’

September anyone who suffers from Coulrophobia, their nightmares came true with the release of the remake of Stephen King’s IT. Beware of 2018 Art is coming to a small screen near you, who will bring a new meaning to ‘Clowning’ when Terrifier will be released.

Over the weekend Damien Leone’s movie made it’s European Premiere at London’s Horror Channel FrightFest Halloween event. Today Signature Entertainment has revealed the UK Trailer, slasher fans bow to your new hero he’s called…Art The Clown!

The word from Frightfest Halloween event Art The Clown delivered the gore and the screams, that good as one quote stated… “Art The Clown “…makes Pennywise look like Krusty!”.

Those Horrorphiles who know their stuff will know Art has been around for 9 years, first in the 2008 short The 9th Circle. It was 2011 when Leone gave Art his own short in Terrifier (which this movie is based on). 2013 he returned as Jester killer clown in the low budget anthology All Hallow’s Eve. After several years through various fundraiser sites Art finally, has his own full-length feature!

Terrifier is the story of a maniacal clown who terrorizes three young women on Halloween night and everyone else who stands in his way.

There’s no exact date been confirmed yet for Terrifier but expect a 2018 release on DVD and gory-ess Digital HD.North American horror fans the movie will be released through Dread Central Presents, date still to be confirmed.

The movie stars David Howard Thornton as the monstrous clown, Jenna Kanell and Catherine Corcoran.