Watch The Awesome La La Land / Blade Runner 2049 Mash Up

We love Blade Runner 2049, we know it’s in a different league from Ridley Scott’s 1982 original, both versions complement each other. We also know the movie isn’t for everyone too. It’s a shame as it’ a visual treat watching a master cinematographer Roger Deakins at work, emotionally charged but flawed movie. So what can we do to make it more appealing? The Doctor Of Will has the answer, mash it up with La La Land!

Ok, movie mash-ups are ten a penny, there’s a new one every day some are good, the rest can be generic but every so often we get a good one. Youtuber TheDoctorOfWill has created this great little video syncing Ryan Gosling‘s Sebastian and Blade Runner 2049 K perfectly. The end result is brilliant and the Jazz fuelled score fits perfectly with the futuristic noir landscapes. Even Sebastian’s neon-lit ‘Seb’s’ bar sign eerily looks natural in the scene. Deckard is replaced by Emma Stone actually works nicely, but wait is she a replicant? The piano scene from Blade Runner just like the ‘perfect joke’, cue City Of Stars…

Watch out for a certain decaying Oscar statue, which digs at the Moonlight Oscar gaff.

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