Stephen King In Film – The Hits and The Misses [Infographic]

When it comes to novels been adapted for the big (and small) screen, no one beats Stephen King in a ratio of books to screen. As for it, there any of those movies/ mini-series was a success that question is opened to debate.

After the disappointment of the long-awaited cinematic version of The Dark Tower, the Andres Muschietti remake of IT (raking in $500 million-plus worldwide) made sure he’s still a big player on the circuit.

With over 50 Stephen King novels having been adapted into films and collectively raking in over $2 Billion, Stephen King is big money in Hollywood. Classics such as the time-honoured The Shining, Stand By Me and not to mention the Academy Award Nominated The Green Mile make up some of Stephen King’s greatest accolades. But not all of the adaptions have had quite the same success, and the time old Hollywood problem of a movie gaining high audience ratings but not necessarily translating into box office success reigns true for Stephen King alike. Everyone loves The Shawshank Redemption, right? The movie, often listed within the greatest films of all time has critic audience ratings which push an incredible 90% but raked in just over $50 million at the box office, showing that popularity doesn’t always pay.

Whilst many will know King and seem him mostly for to his horror and fantasy. There is always a few no horror novels that will see him regarded as one of the greatest writers in history.

Financial broker Moneypod has created this infographic to show the hits and the misses of Stephen King Films. Where does your favourite rank, was it a box office (h)It or a miss?
Stephen King in Film? by Moneypod.