John Cena Tries To Stop ‘Cherries Poppin’ In Blockers UK Red Band Trailer

They are a bundle of joy when their born growing up and before you know it your kids are all grown up. John Cena and Leslie Mann star in Blockers and today we get a look at the UK Red Band Trailer.

Like any good parents protective of their kids and when it comes to sex and your little girl doesn’t want to be a ‘little girl’ anymore. When your daddy is WWE’s John Cena there will be no ‘cherries Poppin’ unless you want a five knuckle shuffle in your face!

Beware this is an NSFW trailer, the dialogue is raunchy, f-bombs are dropping and Cena is guzzling a beer from his behind!

Originally entitles The Pact, Blockers is the debut directorial feature for Pitch Perfect Writer Kay Kannon. A comedy that finds 3 parents (John Cena, Leslie Mann and Ika Barinholtz) who have all watched their daughters grow up together. Like any parent wanting to give them the best start in life, safely.Now the girls Prom is coming up, the parents stumble upon a ‘pact’ between the girls that at the end of the dance they won’t be ‘virgins’ anymore.

This trailer is focused on the three worried parents. There are a few generational jokes especially when the parents attempt to decode the Emoji messages they stumbled on. This is also Cena’s first true leading role after starring in several smaller roles. It’s obvious he will be moving into acting full time eventually than Wrestling and this looks like that move will be a good one. He certainly shares many traits like a certain Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, could that be also in success at the box office? Yes, his range is diverse and movie studios are realising it’s not all brawn, he has a funny bone too!

Blockers is set for an April 2018 release date.

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