James Klonowski’s WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 Predictions


The Smackdown exclusive PPV Hell in a Cell comes our way tonight. Can Jinder Mahal escape with the WWE title once again or will Shinsuke Nakamura reach the top of the mountain? Will Charlotte reclaim the throne as the best female performer in WWE or will Natalya defy the odds and leave victorious? Will AJ Styles be able to take down The Lone Wolf or will Baron Corbin shock the world and defeat The Phenomenal One? Who will survive inside Hell in a Cell when Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon look to settle their personal grudge once and for all? Will The Viper come out on top against Rusev or will The Bulgarian Brute add another legend to his impressive list of victims? Who will leave the demonic structure as the Tag Team Champions – The New Day or The Usos? Read on for our predictions on the event…

WWE Hell in a Cell 2017

WWE​ ​World​ ​Championship​ ​Match

Shinsuke​ ​Nakamura​ ​def.​ ​Jinder​ ​Mahal

Jinder Mahal is without doubt the worst WWE Champion since the dark days of JBL. But at
least JBL had a great character that fans loved to hate. All Mahal is is a nondescript foreign
wrestling heel. He’s only been made champion in order to garner good press in India, where
WWE just so happens to be touring before the end of the year.

Speaking of that tour, WWE stated that Mahal is a two-time WWE Champion on their website. That could just have been a mistake, or WWE have already decided to take the title off of Mahal for the time being only to give it back to him before their trip across the ocean. Since Mahal has worn the strap, ratings have plummeted, attendance figures are at an all time low and in ring performances have been some of the worst ever witnessed.

Is Shinsuke Nakamura the answer to all of this? Of course he’s not. Since making his main roster debut he has been absolutely awful. I’ve seen Nakamura in Japan, and yeah he can do some amazing things, bit did I ever think he would ever become a star in WWE? Absolutely not, and I’ve been proved right. However, having said that I do believe he will capture the WWE title tonight. But does that title even
mean anything any more?

It has become an afterthought. I wonder what the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bruno Sammartino are thinking as they watch WWE and Jinder Mahal flush their legacies down the toilet all to earn a little more cash from a certain country. Times like this where I wish WCW was still around kicking Vince McMahon’s ass, because he only ever does good things when his back is against the wall. Saying that he did try and make Mabel WWE Champion in 1995….

Bobby​ ​Roode​ ​def.​ ​Dolph​ ​Ziggler

Bobby Roode looks odd playing the babyface. It just doesn’t suit him, same with Dolph Ziggler as a heel. Their roles should certainly be reversed. But because Roode has a catchy theme song, and WWE decision makers find Ziggler annoying we have this instead. It should be a fun encounter if both men are up for it and want to prove something.

Ziggler’s latest character change has been entertaining if nothing else. As for Roode, he’s picked up a few decent wins and looks impressive. He’s in tremendous shape, that’s for sure. There’s no way Roode loses this one, unless WWE want to give Dolph yet another chance to get over. Fans may argue that he already is over, but let’s be honest, he’s not.

He has been over in times in his career but WWE have repeatedly dropped the ball with him so much that he has now become damaged goods. Smart money is on Roode here.

WWE​ ​Smackdown​ ​Women’s​ ​Championship​ ​Match

Charlotte​ ​def.​ ​Natalya

Natalya really has dragged down the division since becoming champion. Not to the standard
of Mahal with the WWE title, but she’s bogged it down nonetheless.

Hopefully Charlotte reclaims her throne tonight in convincing fashion. Natalya is a good wrestler, but she has as much charisma as her uncle Bret Hart. You can’t build a division around her. Charlotte is
arguably the best all-rounder in WWE right now and the time is right to give her the gold.

We know these two can have good matches together as evidenced from their classic NXT battles, but I just don’t think we will get something special this time around. This will be all about getting the title on Charlotte and swiftly moving onto a programme with Carmella.

WWE​ ​United​ ​States​ ​Championship​ ​Match

Baron​ ​Corbin​ ​def.​ ​AJ​ ​Styles

Baron Corbin hasn’t exactly had the best of years. Everything went downhill for him when he won Money in the Bank, or more precisely when he angered someone very high up on the WWE food chain.

This all leads me to think he will he will leave Hell in a Cell with the United States Championship. That’s WWE’s style of booking these days. Styles deserves better than a mid card title anyway. He should still be the face of Smackdown. I haven’t been a fan of this rivalry and can’t see that changing tonight.

Corbin will come out on top in some dodgy fashion, unless the person he has upset is really vindictive, and if that’s the case Baron will be coming to an independent show near you soon.

Hell​ ​In​ ​A​ ​Cell​ ​Match

Kevin​ ​Owens​ ​def.​ ​Shane​ ​McMahon

This is the one I am most looking forward to. It should be memorable and brutal with a lasting image of Shane flying from the structure that will last a lifetime.

I have a vision of Owens powerbombing Shane through the cell roof. That would be some visual. I love this version of Kevin Owens, this is the guy that should’ve been the face of Raw. There are rumours that Owens will be traded back to Raw after this which could work, but I’d like to see him save Smackdown instead.

There is no way Shane is winning this one, that would kill all of Owens’ momentum. Owens needs to win, and win in convincing fashion. I can see it being an even contest though, because Shane even took The Undertaker to his limit.

Randy​ ​Orton​ ​def.​ ​Rusev

Randy Orton really has stunk the joint out this year. He’s had bad match after bad match. If Orton isn’t motivated, he really sleepwalks through bouts. He’s the complete opposite of John Cena in that regard.

Cena takes great pride in having awesome matches with the younger talent, even if he rarely loses, whereas Orton just looks to benefit himself. He’s done the same again with Rusev. I like Rusev, but this feud hasn’t helped anyone.

Losing in ten seconds to The Viper did him no favours either. I’d have gone with Rusev here had they not tied it up one-apiece on Smackdown a few weeks back. The established Orton will go over here and he will not make Rusev look good in the process. I don’t know what the future holds for either man, perhaps a change of scenery is in order?

Hell​ ​In​ ​A​ ​Cell​ ​Match​ ​For​ ​The​ ​WWE​ ​Smackdown​ ​Tag​ ​Team​ ​Championship

The​ ​New​ ​Day​ ​def.​ ​The​ ​Usos

This one may just be the greatest Hell in a Cell match of all time. That’s a bold statement, but the talent is there, the chemistry is there and the time is right. All four men are at the peak of their powers.

They’ve stolen the show every time they’ve clashed, and I can’t see that changing here. This one could go either way, but I’m edging towards New Day retaining because it will stop the hot potato style booking of the tag team division.

The Usos have never been better than they are now. They look especially motivated, as do The New Day. Something special will happen here, I’m sure of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the main