Film’s Most Frightening Doctors [Infographic]

Film’s Most Frightening Doctors [Infographic]

Halloween will be with us next week and horror fans around the world start rewatching their favourite scares. Amongst those scary movies, there is a plethora of iconic Killers, monsters including Killer Medics.

From the unthinkable evil acts of Dr Hannibal Lector, the cannibal psychiatrist, to the misguided misdemeanours of Ernest Menville, the submissive plastic surgeon, the horror genre is littered with downright dangerous doctors.

Putting those characters to one side, have we ever asked ourselves why we watch horror movies?

Work The World wanted to know why we do, what gets our pulses raised, sweat, gives us goosebumps even nightmares! To try and answer those questions on why we put ourselves through anguish for 90 plus minutes they went to the professionals...Dr Linnie Blake (not included in our list of evil doctors!) Head of the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Here’s what Dr Blake said – “Horror cinema offers its audience rather more than squealy thrills. In focusing on what frightens us and pushing our endurance to the limit – though, in a highly controlled and essentially safe manner, it opens a creaking door on the workings of the human mind and the cultural norms of our societies.”

Horror may make us feel – the racing heart, the laughter of relief, the howl of disgust. It also makes us think – about outsiders and deviants, the monster and those made monstrous by the societies in which they live. It enables us, therefore, to consider the beast within us all and the beastly proclivities of the social world.”

In celebration of next weeks Halloween Work The World has created a Halloween infographic called ‘Films Most Frightening Medics

source: Work The World

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