Writing On The Wall For Global Force Wrestling?

Writing On The Wall For Global Force Wrestling?

Writing On The Wall For Global Force Wrestling?

It comes to no one’s surprise that Global Force Wrestling are hanging on by a thread. Last week Jeff Jarrett officially resigned from the company, merely days after he announced a short hiatus. In addition to this it was also reported that the company are bleeding money.

These are unclear times for Global Force Wrestling, as they now enter a crucial period within their short existence.

Anthem Ready To Sell-Up & Go?

As well as Jeff Jarrett resigning from the company, it was also reported that owners Anthem are prepared to sell the company. Furthermore they are also willing to exit the wrestling industry entirely. Anthem Entertainment Executive Ed Nordholm recently stated the following;

“We’re invested in this company. We’re growing it. We know it’s not going to turn around tomorrow.”

However he did openly admit that Global Force Wrestling were losing money. At this point the company’s financial position is unknown. But we do know that their current financial position is not prosperous by any means.

None the less for now GFW is still under the Anthem banner, for now.

Streaming Service Strategy?

After much speculation, Global Force Wrestling are launching their own network. Ed Nordholm provided details to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer; Global Force Wrestling want to create an alternative pro-wrestling service.

For a reported $7.99 per month, fans will gain over 900 hours access to the Impact tape library, much like the WWE network. Additionally Ed Nordholm admitted the prospect of adding other promotions to the network is a possibility.

This news shall be welcome for those within the company, but is it too little too late? One has to ask what kind of market they can attract and from what fan-base?

A lot of questions remain unanswered.




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