Will We See The Undertaker Before Wrestlemania 34?

In the last few weeks, rumors of The Undertaker’s return to WWE have been rife. Since John Cena began feuding with Roman Reigns, the rumors have been intensifying by the week. However at this point nothing has been set in stone.

None the less John Cena shall face Roman Reigns at WWE No Mercy on September 24th. But the question remains; will we see ‘Taker before Wrestlemania 34?

John Cena VS The Undertaker At Survivor Series?

In recent days, fans have speculated that we could potentially see John Cena face The Undertaker at WWE Survivor Series. Now while I’d advise one to take this rumor with a pinch of salt, this is a truly intriguing prospect.

For starters WWE do not often take ‘Taker out of his element. That being said he did make an appearance at the Royal Rumble this past January. Therefore if one thinks about; a Survivor Series appearance is not a wild thought for the Deadman.

Lets not forget that Survivor Series is the PPV that debuted The Undertaker, which has since carried a renowned legacy for doing so back in 1990. So to add to this, Survivor Series 2017 could potentially be a landmark PPV for the closing of Mark Calaway’s career.

Personally I do not want to see John Cena VS The Undertaker just yet, as I would prefer to see this bout at Wrestlemania 34. However I do believe an Undertaker appearance at Survivor Series in two months would not go a miss by any means.

 Asides From John Cena, Who Else Could ‘Taker Wrestle?

Now setting aside John Cena from the picture, who else could wrestle The Undertaker? More specifically it would be important to book certain matches, at certain PPV’s.

Since his WWE debut last year, AJ Styles has been a world-class act for WWE. Without doubt the best wrestler in the company since the start of 2016, surely his hard-work and incredible displays warrant him a reward. A reward you ask? yes, in the form of a match with The Undertaker.

This is a match that has never taken place before, both men have only ever been in the presence of each other once. Thus it would be a no-brainer for WWE take make this match happen. But my instinct disappoint me, as this match his highly unlikely to ever happen.

Furthermore it most definitely does not like a possibility at either WWE Survivor Series or Wrestlemania 34.

The Phenom VS The Phenomenal One, I challenge you to tell me that will not sell!



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