Will Enter The Crypt? Watch The Tension Filled Frightfest Short Film!

Will Enter The Crypt? Watch The Tension Filled Frightfest Short Film!

Every feature film career has to start somewhere and a lot of the time it’s through the medium of short film. One of those shorts The Crypt took centre stage at last week’s Horror Channel Frightfest today you can watch it fully below.

Beneath London is a world few ever get to see. Over 1000 miles of tunnels and rivers. The last place you’d want to be trapped…

CRYPT is an exhilarating, character based, action thriller – a stylish genre film with great visual effects and an original perspective, full of suspense and a foreboding sense of the unknown. CRYPT tells the story of Jed and his team of rescue and salvage experts, who following an underground explosion are called in to dig out the survivors.

Last Sunday Eitan Arrusi short laid its foundations and first steps towards becoming a fully fledged feature movie.

Horror movie web source DreadCentral spoke to the Crypt director Eitan Arrusi who shared more information about his movie. Check it out here.

As ever here at The Peoples Movies, we try our best to support all upcoming talent be it an actor or in this case a filmmaker. Whilst we are big fans of the horror genre we love to support all genres and I’m sure the cinephiles worldwide too. Check out the short, it’s only 5 minutes long and show them the support as the movie goes into development to become a full feature. If you have nightmares about the upcoming Crossrail in London, you may want to have extra underwear because you’ll probably need them after watching this!

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