Watch Newly Cut Trailer For Coen Bros. Blood Simple 4K Re-Release

Everyone has to start somewhere, some take small steps but if your Joel and Ethan Coen that first step into filmland it was big steps. That movie was Blood Simple and in 4 weeks time you can experience the Coens directorial debut. The Neo Noir masterpiece, 34 years later is coming back to a cinema near you and today Studiocanal have released a newly cut trailer. Get to see how the brothers wanted you to see their film, with a 4k restored directors cut, check it out…

Amazing to see 3 decades later the movie stands the sands of time and looks as fresh as if it was made recently. It’s a piece of cinematic history and thanks to modern day technology the movie qaulity has been tweaked to the Brother’s approval. Need I say more than catching a rare chance to see this on the big screen!

A stylish, imaginative and hard-boiled neo noir, Blood Simple announced the Coens as vital and distinctive new cinematic voices on its release three decades ago. Possessing all the characteristics that propelled the Coens to later success – razor sharp dialogue; a predilection for lethal and futile violence; ironic, fatalistic humour; and an inventive focus on the tragicomic lives of idiosyncratic misfits.

M. Emmett Walsh is sleazy Texas private eye Visser, hired by bar owner Marty (Dan Hedaya) to kill his unfaithful wife (Frances McDormand) and her lover (John Getz). Given a plan to work from, he decides to modify it without warning; and matters quickly spiral out of control.

Beautifully shot and performed and with a haunting score by the Coens’ long-time collaborator Carter Burwell, it’s a landmark film, a trailblazing, near virtuosic debut which reinvented the noir for a new generation and marked the arrival of two filmmakers who would go on to revolutionise the American indie cinema scene.

Blood Simple 4K Restoration ‘Directors Cut’ will be in UK &Irish cinemas on 6th October before being released on from DVD/Blu-Ray/EST from Studiocanal on 30th October 2017. Starring John Gatz, Frances McDormand, Dan Hedaya and M.Emmett Walsh.