“The Undisputed Era” In NXT

At NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn; Adam Cole came out from the crowd and attacked Drew McIntyre, ensuing a chaotic reaction from the WWE Universe.

Alongside the debuting Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly aided the former ROH World Champion. Then in the weeks preceding TakeOver, the trio were officially named “The Undisputed Era”.

Now with an official name, one has to wonder; What will the trio have in-store for NXT?

reDragon To Challenge For The NXT Tag Team Champions?

Prior to Adam Cole making his anticipated NXT debut, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly signed with NXT in July. Then at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn after SAnitY won the NXT Tag Team Champions, Fish and O’Reilly attacked the champions. This seemingly reunited the former ROH Tag Team Champions, once known as “reDragon”.

At this point it would be logical for the duo to challenge for the NXT Tag Team Champions, especially after attacking the current reigning champions. However their title opportunity may have to wait, as the duo alongside Adam Cole appear to be feuding with “British Strong-Style”.

Surely it cannot be too long before Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly win the NXT Tag Team Champions, but for now we shall see what they have in-store for the NXT Tag Team division, which has been crying out for some restocking.

Roderick Strong In The “Undisputed Era”?

Now if one casts their mind back to July, rumors of an Indy stable in NXT were rife. So fast-forward to present day and NXT has a resident stable that pays homage to ROH, coincidence? Therefore put this into perspective; Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly were all headliners at ROH. So ask yourself; should Roderick Strong join the “Undisputed Era”?

Roderick Strong is a formally known as “Mr. ROH” and is more than familiar with the trio. Furthermore Strong is also one of the biggest names from independent wrestling scene. So put all of those elements together, surely Strong shall have some part of the angle.

While it does not appear as if Roderick Strong is leaving NXT just yet, he might still join or feud with “The Undisputed Era”.

Adam Cole: Future NXT Champion?

Adam Cole signing for WWE came to the surprise of no one. The former three-time ROH World Champion joined NXT in August, finally quashing inevitable rumors. In no time Cole made his presence felt, attacking newly-crowned NXT Champion Drew McIntyre.

It would be a no brainer for Adam Cole to eventually win the NXT Championship, as he is more than capable of being the face of NXT.

Since his NXT debut it would appear as if there is a big angle brewing. Will Cole have to earn his NXT title shot? Also, when will we finally see Adam Cole step in an NXT ring? Finally, what will the “Undisputed Era” have in-store for NXT?

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