How Far Can Global Force Wrestling Go?

How Far Can Global Force Wrestling Go?

2017 has been a remarkable year for the professional wrestling industry. As well as WWE and the Independent scene in the spotlight, another promotion underwent drastic change. TNA (Total Non-stop Action) wrestling is no more.

On June 28th, it was announced that TNA was officially re-branded and now operating under the Global Force Wrestling banner. Jeff Jarrett returned to become CEO of the company he founded, with Scott D’Amore being appointed VP of International relations.

Since the inception of GFW’s broadcasting, a lot of things have gone down. Upon the seemingly slow demise of TNA, fans can only naturally wonder:

How far can Global Force Wrestling go?

Jeff Jarrett Announces Short Leave From Global Force Wrestling

On September 5th, Jeff Jarrett announced he would be taking a leave of absence from GFW. He cited personal reasons for his short departure. However it should be noted that Jarrett’s services will be available as a consultant.

At this point Jarrett’s specific reasons for his short leave are unknown. But with recent events transpiring with the likes of AAA, one would assume that business could be too much for Jarrett right now. In addition to this, it was also reported that there was an incident backstage at a GFW TV taping.

PWInsider reported that the situation at GFW is “uglier” than many believe and that Jarrett is “not blameless”.

While shows have been more or less average, it would seem as if things are not well behind the scenes. At this point nothing is set in stone, but it shall be interesting to see what transpires in the following weeks.

Alberto El Patron Suspended & Vacates GFW World Championship

Despite being old news, Alberto El Patron remains suspended from Global Force Wrestling. Thus due to his suspension, Patron vacated the GFW World Championship, prior to Eli Drake winning the championship two weeks ago.

There is no doubt that the decision to suspend Patron came following his personal issues. As for the GFW they would have had to adapt and head into a new direction, with their marquee PPV ‘Bound For Glory’ fast approaching.

It is thought that Alberto El Patron will return to GFW but no date has been set.

GFW Falling TV Rating Figures

According to Cageside Seats, TV ratings at GFW hit a two-month low last week. Numbers dropped for a second week in a row, with viewership falling once more.

It was reported that viewership was 268,000 down from a recorded 296,000, as rating numbers dropped to 0.05.

However despite the figures falling in recent weeks, August did see a somewhat better month for the promotion. The August 17th broadcast was the peak of the month, with the viewership at 320,000.

All figures for reference can be found at Cageside Seats.

GFW Network?

On September 2nd, Cageside Seats reported that GFW are possibly launching their own network.

Despite some reference of the network plans on GFW TV, absolutely nothing has been mentioned. Thus no one is jumping to conclusions as of yet. One would assume the company are now focusing on entering a wider market.

Could GFW be looking to join FITETV? Joining an active network would make better sense for the company, rather than looking to re-create. Their best bet is to find a network to which can host their brand.

AAA Incident & Statement

Over the past week, GFW superstar RoseMary has been at the centre of unwanted controversy. Following a bout against Lucha Underground’s Sexy Star, Rosemary was put into a shoot arm-bar by Star. Rosemary suffered a serious injury due to the assault.

Now at this point, AAA or Sexy Star have not formally apologized for the incident, thus leaving the relationship between GFW and AAA with a lot of tension. But this is not the first time AAA have gone out their way to create friction.

None the less, GFW are to their credit moving forward despite no formal apology from the Mexican promotion.





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