DVD Review – Unhinged (2017)

Unhinged comes to us direct to DVD from 88 films in their first original feature film. Directed by Dan Allen, in his directorial debut. Released on 25th September 2017 on DVD and Starring Kate Lister (Fox Trap) and Lucy Jane Quinlan (Cage, Where Do We Go from Here?).

The film follows four women on a hen weekend for the bride to be Melissa (Lister), their trip is quickly cut short when they are attacked by a stranger on the road and having to defend themselves they end up accidentally killing him. This leads them to seek shelter in a house in the middle of nowhere, owned by a woman who claims she lives alone, but soon these young girls will find out there dream weekend will turn into a nightmare.

I have been so excited about this film for so long and finally, the wait was over. I loved this film, as I assumed I would. It’s a film I think most people will really enjoy.

There were parts where the pacing was a little slow, but all in all the film was pretty good. I really enjoyed the story as well. I liked that we got more from the characters than just flat characters, we got to know a little bit about their backstory which I think is very important in a film like this.

One of the first things that jumped out at me before even before viewing the film was that the film was only given a 15, considering there wasn’t exactly loads of bloodshed in this film, it is still pretty graphics and when there was a gory scene it was gory!

Considering the recent IT remake was also a 15, this wasn’t as much of a surprise as it would have been before.

In terms of the acting, I thought everyone was superb for what they were given, I also felt everyone, for the most part, was pretty natural.

Overall the wait was over and I am so glad that it paid off. I genuinely think this film is fantastic and great movie night movie!

Epic, Bloody and a thrilling ride!

Ross Wilcock | [rating=4]

Horror | UK, 2017 | 15 | 25th September 2017 (UK) | 88 Films | Dir.Dan Allen | Kate Lister, Lucy-Jane Quinlan, Becca Hirani, Lorena Andrea | Buy: Unhinged [DVD]