Documentary Review – Real Boy (2017)

Documentary Review – Real Boy (2017)

Real Boy is a 2016 film released by Peccadillo pictures in 2017. It follows the story of a young teenagers transition of coming out as trans not only to his family but to himself.

This is a powerful piece of LGBT Film as it showcases the struggles and battles that people dealing with sexual identity go through.

It was actually very emotional for me to watch this film, I came out myself as gay at age 22 so I could, in many ways relate to this film.

Seeing the struggle Rachel goes through when she is young, dealing with coming to terms that she feels comfortable identifying as a boy. Seeing her struggles growing up was heartbreaking. It really makes you think about why people just don’t understand. And why when coming out people dealing with these things have so much anxiety about everything.

This film just so captures the essence of where the LGBT community is leading and how still there are people out there that do not understand.

Watching Real Boy play out and watching Ben’s Journey is so emotional yet inspiring and in many ways makes me proud of who I am as no one deserves to be judged for the person that they know they are. I was just so moved by this film, although a little cheesy at times it’s a real life situation, that every day people are going through.

Also the fact that this is a 16 year old it makes it even more powerful that this story is being told by someone so young.

I think the way the film was played out using old footage leading through Ben’s transition was so inventive and made everything more emotionally impactful.

I can not express enough the way I felt watching this. It is just something I think you need to experience yourself and I am grateful I got the chance to see it.

This film is certainly one to watch, whether your out already, struggling to come out, or coping with a family member or friend coming out this film might help you out.

Great, great work! Outstanding, moving, powerful

Ross Wilcock |

Documentary | USA, 2016 | 12 | Out Now | VOD Release : Buy | Peccadillo Pictures | Dir.Shaleece Haas

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