Five best things about WWE TV right now

I think pretty much everyone can agree that at one point, they’ve sat down and watched a really, REALLY bad episode of RAW and Smackdown. As well as this, everyone has probably thought to themselves “WWE really needs better writers”. “Vince is out of touch, when’s Terra Ryzing taking over?”. “I wish RAW could go back to two hours”. What really sucks is that normally we can expect those kinds of episodes every other week.

I don’t know what the catalyst has been, possibly Vince heard someone sneeze and redirected his attention. I must say WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown, have been the most entertaining they have been in a while.

RAW doesn’t drag on and end up being a three hour waste of space. The creative team, are actually booking it well for a change, coming up with interesting storylines such as the Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle storyline. In addition they are making us care about some of the lower midcard guys like Goldust as well as Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. Also just having Braun Strowman on the show. I mean, let’s be honest, if RAW was just three hours of Braun wrestling and beating up Cruiserweights, we would have nothing to complain about.

Smackdown has definitely been the most entertaining it has been since the Superstar Shake Up. The creative team are actually utilising some of the great talent they have like Tye Dillinger and Chad Gable. They have become more willing to try new things like the amazing Fashion Files segments or JINDER MAHAL becoming the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION as well as bringing back familiar faces such as Shelton Benjamin and Maria Kanellis.

From an angry bearded man attacking a grandfather to Roman Reigns implying he is indeed, a “big dog”, here are the Five Best Parts of WWE TV Right Now

5 – Kevin Owens

When a great performer is given a rub from Vince McMahon, it is great for the quality of the show. I can’t stress how good Kevin Owens is, he has excellent mic skills, fantastic wrestling ability and has the power that not many have to control and keep the crowd in the palm of his hand 100% of the time. Owens truly is an excellent all-round performer and I feel underrated by the IWC when it comes to how good he actually is at wrestling.

After getting out of that unfortunate stinker of a program wrestling AJ Styles, Kevin Owens has been one of the main reasons to tune in to Smackdown Live as of late. Week after week, Kevin Owens does something out of the blue, for example: Proudly claiming that he wished Shane McMahon would have died in a helicopter crash, as well as SHOOT HEADBUTTING THE CEO OF THE COMPANY.  It’s about time they gave KO an interesting and unique storyline, and boy am I glad that they did.

Whenever Kevin Owens shows up on my screen, I get excited, because I don’t know what he’s gonna do next. If this man was allowed to give a real, stiff headbutt and frog splash to his boss, then the sky is the limit for him. KO’s program with Shane McMahon could be the boost he needs to get Vince to strap a rocket to him. I have no doubt that Shane is going to make Owens look like a star in their match, like he did with AJ earlier this year.

4 – Cruiserweight Division

I believe the Cruiserweights are consistently putting on the best matches on Weekly WWE Television. Despite not being booked in the best way on Monday Night RAW, everyone on the roster really shines on 205 Live, where the Cruiserweights put together entertaining storylines and enthralling match-ups. An added bonus is that Gran Metallik is finally getting booked, so that’s a major positive for the whole division.

One reason I find the Cruiserweights so entertaining is the well developed storylines assisted by the influx of interesting characters. An example of this is Drew Gulak protesting about the stereotypical high flying cruiserweight style through PowerPoint presentations. With the formula of creative direction and great wrestlers, it is hard to mess up and WWE definitely haven’t so far.

In addition, I feel the much needed cross-over from Main Roster stars is greatly helping the division. The Enzo Amore and Neville storyline that’s going on right now for the Cruiserweight Championship is pretty fun as well as Breezango’s hilarious interruption of Drew Gulak’s PowerPoint presentation the other week on 205 Live. Those sorts of interactions are breathing fresh new life and character into the entire division, which is one thing the division was lacking.

If you don’t watch 205 Live, for whatever reason – you don’t care, it doesn’t interest you, whatever, I highly suggest you check it out. Recently it has consistently been great for a while now, and is constantly developing new exciting storylines and putting together fresh, exciting matches.

3 – John Cena and Roman Reigns’ promo battles

One of the most exciting parts of RAW at the moment has been the program between Roman Reigns and John Cena, two of WWE’s biggest starts and two of Vince McMahon’s boys. The promos between these two guaranteed Hall of Famers have been, to take a quote from one Becky Lynch, STRAIGHT FIYAHHH.

John Cena’s witty comebacks and verbal attacks have been incredible, more so than Roman’s because of some of the things that Cena is allowed to get away with. For example: Calling out Roman on his limited microphone skills, the fans not accepting him as the top guy as well as his suspension from WWE due to steroid use.

Roman Reigns has held his own in these wars of words, to be fair, with the Big Dog comparing John Cena to one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time and a future Hall of Famer, Alex Riley, saying some naughty language on RAW as well as making jokes about his “Big Dog”. Roman has definitely looked more comfortable on the mic during this feud. Although Roman did look quite uncomfortable when he forgot his lines, giving more for Cena to bite on.

The shoot aspect of these promos has definitely added to the program, with the legitimacy and meaning behind some of the insults making it a much more interesting feud than say the generic and old tale of the Big, Strong American Hero defeating the Gritty, Slimy, Racist Russian Villain.

2 – The Fashion Police

Oh my god I am ecstatic that goofy, creative and hilarious promos such as the Fashion Files are being put on WWE TV. Fandango and Tyler Breeze, the Fashion Police give Smackdown Live much needed comic relief with their undeniable creativity, sense of humour and wit.

I can’t get over how hilarious and creative Breezango’s promos are, so excuse me if I sound like a broken record but the fact that we got skits involving The Ascension eating pie, Arn Anderson killing Tully The Horse as well as Fandango making anal probe jokes on Live 2017 WWE Television is amazing to me.

One of the best things about their current gimmick is that it is drawing lots of attention to them. I don’t know how these two phenomenal wrestlers were relegated to the likes of Superstars. Breeze and ‘Dango are great singles wrestlers,but together they are an incredible team. As a team Breezango are less likely to get lost in the shuffle as well, like Curt Hawkins or Mike Kanellis.

1 – Braun Strowman

Two years ago, if you would’ve said that you were a fan of Braun Strowman you probably would have been attacked on the spot. The Monster Among Men in two years has evolved from a clumsy, terrible wrestler to the best part of WWE TV at the moment. To be fair, two years  ago I don’t think we expected to be flipping over people-occupied ambulances, at least not on WWE TV. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Braun got arrested for flipping over cars, it’s probably a normal occurrence for him.

I believe since the Brand Split Braun Strowman has already solidified him as one of the best big men ever. For someone with two years or so of wrestling under his belt, Braun is scarily good. Strowman’s unique charisma and charm makes him so entertaing to watch and instantly elevates whatever he is doing. One person I think Braun has learnt from is Big Show, who is quite similar to Braun. Big Show phones it in quite a bit but whenever he faces Braun, you can tell he’s trying to steal the show. I think Big Show sees a younger version of himself in Braun, which is definitely not a bad thing.

It’s no secret Vince is a big fan of Braun either, probably just because of how tall he is. You know when Vince lets you beat the living hell out of his top guy every week he likes you. Vince is notorious for liking big tall guys with no talent, but he hit the jackpot with Braun. Strowman just seems to be a sponge, which soaks up information after having a match with someone. It is quite scary how fast and how much Braun has improved over the past two years.