WWE Summerslam 2017 Preview: John Cena VS Baron Corbin


This Sunday at WWE Summerslam, the Lone Wolf Baron Corbin is seeking revenge over John Cena. The two shall clash one on one in Brooklyn. Here is a preview of John Cena VS Baron Corbin.

John Cena VS Baron Corbin

This past week on Smackdown Live! Baron Corbin cashed-in his Money in The Bank contract, only to be unsuccessful thanks to John Cena. As Corbin cashed-in, Cena caused a distraction and cost Corbin his opportunity. Now the Lone Wolf shall be out for revenge over Cena this Sunday.

Upon winning the Money in The Bank briefcase back in June, Baron Corbin looked destined for the WWE Championship, however John Cena would put a stop to that. Now their rivalry has hit boiling point. WWE Summerslam is the stage where the two shall settle their differences, in what could be a brutal contest.

The decision to have Baron Corbin unsuccessfully cash-in is a wild one. This is because essentially one could argue that having Corbin winning the MITB briefcase was a waste of time. In addition to this one would also ponder what the point in the build-up was. Furthermore fans are also pondering what is next for Corbin.

As for John Cena he was removed from the WWE Championship scene courtesy of Shinsuke Nakamura, thus Cena was in the sights of one Baron Corbin. Cena is a veteran and no stranger to threats such as Baron Corbin.

This Sunday could see an interesting bout between the two. Therefore I am adamant that Baron Corbin shall defeat John Cena, CLEAN! Yes, call me crazy but I believe that is what shall happen this Sunday at WWE Summerslam.

Prediction: Baron Corbin to defeat John Cena.