WWE Summerslam 2017 Preview: Finn Balor VS Bray Wyatt

This Sunday at WWE Summerslam, the “Demon” Finn Balor meets the “Eater of Worlds” Bray Wyatt. Here is a preview for Finn Balor VS Bray Wyatt this Sunday at WWE Summerslam.

Finn Balor VS Bray Wyatt

Two worlds collide as Finn Balor faces Bray Wyatt this Sunday live from the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn, New York at WWE Summerslam. As eerie both worlds are, they shall clash at the biggest party of the summer. This is a collision of worlds.

A few weeks ago on RAW, Bray Wyatt set Finn Balor in his sights. Thus igniting a war of worlds between two of WWE’s most unique superstars. While they have not been engrossed in a battle for two long, they shall no doubt head into WWE Summerslam with bad blood.

This past week on RAW, following their match Wyatt poured a bucket of red paint over a prone Balor. Perhaps the paint was symbolic of Wyatt attempting to bring the demon out of Balor. Upon their bout on RAW, Balor proclaimed that he will bring the demon out on this Sunday at WWE Summerslam.

While I do believe WWE could have done more with this feud, I am very eager to see the two clash on such a stage as WWE Summerslam.

As for the bout, I am with a Finn Balor victory this Sunday at WWE Summerslam.

Prediction: Finn Balor to defeat Bray Wyatt.