Watch Twenty Forty Three A Dystopian Short, Love Story No One Can ‘Touch’

Love does move in mysterious ways. The unexpected fall in love, the expected fall in love and in Eugénie Muggleton‘s Twenty Forty Three Short, love is a disease no one can ‘touch’.

The so called ‘traditional’ ways or diseases that can kill the human race in regular horrific fashion no longer serve the purpose. What if one of those apocalyptic diseases we so much fear off actually devastates one of our human traits to touch? This Dystopian movie delivers another side of love that forces humanity to live under new terms.

Check out the 17 minutes of Twenty Forty Three Three short movie….

A dystopian love story set in a world where a virus deems physical contact impossible.

Thirty years after a devastating disease has consumed humankind, Jack and the last of humanity live under the ultimate truce: to never touch again. Working as a disposal officer, Jack sees the last terror of the plague – in those who defect, who succumb to touch, disease and a despicable death – all from behind the safety of a pane of glass. But as the memories of his mother’s last loving touch begin to unravel him, Jack sinks deeper into a void between the sterile and the depraved, where desire is forbidden, fear is mandatory and everything depends on which side of the glass you stand behind.

Twenty Forty Three is a movie with a bleak future, you could even say it’s a zombie movie too. Love conquers all not just the love of a mother for her child like in this short but also person to person. But denying the right to love someone should never be forbidden especially when its parental or love between adults. Don’t build walls when it comes to love and this short opens a door to a possibility of emotions humanity should never be denied for being different (sexuality, religion, ethnicity, etc…).
Source: Film Shortage