The top five gambling films

The casino industry is thriving and everywhere you look, there is now something related to the bright lights of Las Vegas. On your local high-street it’s the brick and mortar casino, in the travel agents it’s trips advertised to Vegas, on social media its people flocking to online casino poker sites and in cinema, it’s gambling related films.

Gambling films are second to none and we have rounded up the top five.


Whilst many casino related films tell the story of someone aiming to win big for a deviant reason, Rounders tells the tale of an entrepreneur who uses his winnings at the poker to table so he can pay his way through university. The best scene in the movie is a dazzling high stakes tournament where the protagonist, Matt Damon, must defeat the poker baron.

The Cincinnati Kid

This film revolves around an up and coming gambler who puts the high roller of the day to the test. Steve McQueen and Lancey Howard go head to head as Howard realises McQueen has only made his name in backroom tournaments with little competition. McQueen, the Kid, is met with several distractions including a beautiful lady. But who comes out on top?

The Sting

Paul Newman and Robert Redford have combined many times during their acting careers to become a successful duo. Here, they play two con men, one a newbie and the other asserted, they team up to defeat a criminal boss with a love for the casino. The film shares many twists and turns, many of which the audience does not expect. The danger levels rise and this dramatic production will certainly have you on the edge of your seat.

Casino Royale

The Daniel Craig 007 film is just one of many brilliant Bond films. This release is set at high speed and follows the agent as he takes on villain Le Chiffre, the poker-playing, torture-inflicting terrorism financier. The scene in which Bond takes on his rival in the heart of a Monte Carlo casino will certainly make you sweat, the pace is furious and the stakes are enormously high. Perhaps we’ll stick to the online casino, thanks.


One of the most famous gambling movies of all time, this is undoubtedly a classic. Telling the secrets of mob-controlled gambling in Vegas, Roberto De Niro and Joe Pesci play a casino owner with mafia relations and a psychotic enforcer with some increasingly alarming behaviour. The erratic behaviour puts both their operations in gambling and lives in danger. It’s an action packed film that shows the audience the dark side to gambling in Vegas, the underworld that few people know about in great detail.

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