Film Review – Ryde (2016)

When a new taxi app “Ryde” becomes the latest trend, some unsuspecting victims fall prey to a mysterious drivers charm and this ride might just be their last.

Going into this film I was pretty intrigued by the premise of the film as it’s so relevant to today, with the rising popularity of Uber this film confirmed for me that I am never taking one! Ever!

It was just a refreshing and interesting story and although not the most original it is very effective in impact as like I said with the popularity of Uber, where you use that service or not, this film will certainly make you more aware of people and who you might be getting into a car with.

Even though that at times the acting was not great, I still really enjoyed the film. It was creepy and atmospheric. It had everything any film would want to see in a really well thought out horror film.

This is one that is very current and it is scary to think of something like this happening but with today’s apps and new taxi apps being developed, you really never know. Which is a genius of the filmmaker.

The score is also something that is incredible so chilling and haunting. It totally sums up the film.

Although this might not be the film for everyone, I certainly would recommend “Ryde” for sure.

Top class horror!

Ross Wilcock | [rating=4]

Horror, Thriller | 15 | USA, 2016 | TMP | 21st August 2017 (UK) | Dir.Brian Visciglia | David Wachs, Jessica Serfaty, Ronnie Alvarez |Digital Download