Film Review – Blood Diner(1987)

Film Review – Blood Diner(1987)

Blood Diner receives its long awaited UK Blu –Ray release through Lionsgate’s Partner company Vestron (who previously released the film on Blu-Ray in the USA).

The 80’s cult hit follows two cannibalistic brothers who kill and dismember young women in order to bring to life an ancient goddess.

Sound insane? Well, the movie is that! It is so off the wall crazy that you can’t help but love it. I hadn’t actually seen the film before now which shocked me as I am a massive fan of 80’s slasher films and with many coming out for release in the coming months through Arrow, 88 Films and of course Vestron it’s looking like I might get the chance to see a lot more of the film I have wanted to see got years!

Blood Diner is one of those films that I was just in a daze watching it in a way and I was just so impressed with how insane the film was but in a completely awesome way. I love that it’s a stand alone film and it doesn’t get that franchise treatment that many of the other 80’s slashers got.

I really appreciate that the film makers took a bit of a risk in making this film so weird and out there, it made it stand apart from other films of the genre. I can assure you this film is one that will be tough to forget.

Although many class the film as a slasher film, and I can see why it can also be placed firming into the supernatural genre or even sci-fi (maybe) just for the sheer imagination and daring concepts in the film.

I really was not expecting the film to be what it was and I liked that, it gave the film a must greater chance of being good. The acting wasn’t the best but the actors did well with the material.

Although this isn’t one of my favourite films of the genre, it is certainly one I highly respect and would recommend it. I would also watch it again but I am more of the traditional stalk and slasher films, although I love the change of pace and after watching this film I do want to explore more with the genre and see what other films like this are out there.

Be sure to look out for this film! It is a killer!

Ross Wilcock |

Horror, Comedy | USA, 1987 | 28th August 2017 (UK) | Lionsgate UK | Dir.Jackie Kong | Rick Burks, Carl Crew, Roger Dauer, Lisa Geuggenheim, Lanette La France

Special Features:
AUDIO COMMENTARY with Director Jackie Kong
FEATURETTES: “Queen Kong,” “The Cook, The Uncle, and The Detective,” “Open for Business,” “Scoring for Sheetar,” “You Are What They Eat!”
ARCHIVAL INTERVIEW with Project Consultant Eric Caidin

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