WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Preview

Emulating live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017. This PPV is an exclusive show presented by the RAW brand. Without further ado here is a preview for WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017.

Brock Lesnar VS Samoa Joe: WWE Universal Championship

For the first time in a while, there is a main-event that everyone is pulling for. Current reigning WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar defends his title for the first time, since winning it at Wrestlemania 33. The Beast Incarnate has sporadically appeared on RAW in recent weeks, building up this main event bout.

On the other hand the challenger Samoa Joe goes after his first WWE championship on the main-roster. The former NXT Champion is no stranger to this scenario.

As for the bout, who knows what is going to happen? Many are rooting for Joe to win the title and that would be something. However at this point I cannot see Lesnar dropping the title. Therefore I am adamant Brock Lesnar will retain the championship.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar to defeat Samoa Joe to retain the WWE Universal Championship.

Roman Reigns VS Braun Strowman: Ambulance Match

For only the fifth time in WWE history, this Sunday the Ambulance Match returns. Roman Reigns heads into this match in the midst of a war with Braun Strowman. The only way to win this bout is to throw your opponent into the back of the ambulance, someone is going to the hospital.

You can expect this match to be brutal as there are no rules, it is essentially no DQ. In addition to this I also assume this is the culmination of their rivalry at WWE Great Balls of Fire. This is because Reigns is reported to be headlining Summerslam.

As for the outcome of the bout I am expecting to see a Roman Reigns victory, to galvanize his run heading into WWE Summerslam.

Prediction: Roman Reigns to defeat Braun Strowman.

Enzo Amore VS Big Cass

One of WWE’s most popular tag teams are no more. A few weeks ago on RAW Big Cass was revealed to be the attacker of Enzo Amore, thus this was the catalyst behind a Cass heel-turn, leaving Enzo in the ditch. Since then both guys have been suiting up for their singles careers. As for both, they have been doing a pretty good job.

Cass has always been a future star in the eyes of many fans. Not only beholding a physical presence but he has always been able to hold his own on the mic. In recent weeks he has transitioned himself into a heel wonderfully. Still there is a long way to go for Cass and his future as a singles competitor.

Enzo’s run has been similar, nothing but success in his development since going solo. Undoubtedly one of WWE’s most charismatic superstars, Enzo is a lot of fun to listen to. But while his mic work is superb, work needs to be done in the ring, especially as a singles competitor.

At this point I believe this feud will go over into Summerslam. So I am with Big Cass picking up the first victory in this feud.

Prediction: Big Cass to defeat Enzo Amore.

Seth Rollins VS Bray Wyatt

More or less a filler feud for the PPV card, it is almost a shame to see how these two superstars are almost being subsidized for this show. WWE’s booking of these two superstars has been lackluster so say the least.

Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt have been on a collision course for a few weeks now. Therefore the two shall come face to face at WWE Great Balls of Fire. However one has to hope both superstars shall be entitled to better booking prior to Summerslam.

Heading into this bout, I am firmly in the corner of Seth Rollins defeating Bray Wyatt.

Prediction: Seth Rollins to defeat Bray Wyatt.

Alexa Bliss VS Sasha Banks: WWE RAW Women’s Championship

Upon winning the number one contenders bout last week on RAW, Sasha Banks shall challenge Alexa Bliss for the WWE RAW Women’s Champion at WWE Great Balls of Fire.

Since winning the title, Bliss has has a very hot and cold title reign. Her feud with Bayley was for the best forgettable, as well as being forgotten purely for the reason of the awful ‘This is your life’ segment. But none the less Bliss has held her own and done a fairly good job in the process, despite questionable booking.

Now with Banks back in the title picture, one has to wonder will she finally be able to win and keep hold of the title. Previously she was playing hot potato with the title as she and Charlotte tossed it between one another. But now if she is to win the title once more, will she finally keep hold of it?

At WWE Great Balls of Fire I believe Alexa Bliss shall retain the title, queuing a potential rematch at Summerslam.

Prediction: Alexa Bliss to defeat Sasha Banks to retain the WWE RAW Women’s Championship.

The Miz VS Dean Ambrose: WWE Intercontinental Championship

Forgetting the segment last week on RAW, it appears as if this feud has ran its course. Technically these two have been feuding since the beginning of the year, as both superstars were drafted to RAW during the superstar shake-up.

The WWE Intercontinental Championship has been losing a lot of credibility, which is a such a shame to see. One of WWE’s most prestigious titles feels nothing more than second-rate. However The Miz has the potential to once more carry the title, if they can book it right.

So as for the match I am with The Miz to defeat Dean Ambrose to retain the title, thus ending this feud once and for all.

Prediction: The Miz to defeat Dean Ambrose & retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

The Hardy Boyz VS Sheamus & Cesaro: 30 Minute Iron-Man Match for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships

A 30 minute Iron-Man match for the WWE Tag Team Championships, now this is something to prosper!

Since their return to WWE Matt & Jeff Hardy have been sitting at the top of the WWE tag team division. However they were knocked of their perch by Sheamus & Cesaro who recaptured the champions.

As for the bout while it is going to be an interesting one to say the least, I am certain Sheamus & Cesaro will retain their titles. This is because there has been speculation for some time claiming Matt Hardy will debut his ‘Broken’ gimmick in WWE, which will be, interesting to say the least…….

Prediction: Sheamus & Cesaro to defeat The Hardy Boys to retain the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships.