WWE Battleground 2017 Preview

This Sunday WWE Battleground emulates live from the Wells Fargo Center, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This PPV is a Smackdown Live! exclusive show.

Without further ado here is a preview for WWE Battleground 2017.

Jinder Mahal VS Randy Orton: Punjabi Prison Match For The WWE Championship

For the first time in nearly a decade, the Punjabi Prison returns to WWE. This time Jinder Mahal shall defend his WWE Championship against Randy Orton. Upon shocking the WWE universe at Backlash, fans are still reveling in shock. However Orton has seemingly one last chance to regain the title.

Since his sudden and prominent rise to the top, there is no doubt Mahal has been brilliant. In addition to being heavily pushed, he has also looked the part. His feud with Orton has been solid and nothing short of good, just the way it should have been booked.

While I am not sure the Punjabi Prison match is the way to go, I can most certainly see the gimmick match working to the advantage of the feud in general. WWE Battleground will see the return of the unforgiving structure.

As for the bout, I am with Jinder Mahal retaining the WWE Championship.

Prediction: Jinder Mahal to defeat Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship.

John Cena VS Rusev: Flag Match

After making his return to Smackdown Live! on July 4th, Cena was attacked by Rusev, whom also made his return. Therefore an impromptu match was setup for the WWE Battleground PPV. Both superstars shall go head to head in a Flag match.

Now this is not entirely a useless gimmick, however I do not believe that the gimmick of USA VS the world works anymore, it is not the 80’s anymore. In addition to this it also comes off as slightly tasteless, to a degree as WWE seemingly keep villainizing foreign wrestlers.

None the less as for the bout, I am with Cena defeating Rusev, cannot look past it.

Prediction: John Cena to defeat Rusev.

The New Day VS The Usos: WWE Smackdown Live! Tag Team Champions

Really coming ahead at the infamous rap battle, The Usos shall defend their WWE Smackdown Live! Tag Team Champions against The New Day, this Sunday at WWE Battleground. Both teams are very familiar with one another at this point, thus a solid match should be expected between the two stables.

The Usos have been a great team and have worked brilliantly in the tag team division on Smackdown Live! as well as New Day working their magic so far. One can expect a good old fashion tag team bout at Battleground.

At this point I am sticking with The Usos to retain the WWE Smackdown Live! Tag Team Champions.

Prediction: The Usos to defeat The New Day to retain the WWE Smackdown Live! Tag Team Champions.

AJ Styles VS Kevin Owens: WWE United States Championship

AJ Styles defeated Kevin Owens for the WWE United States Champion at Madison Square Garden two weeks ago, completely out of the blue. Regardless of the sudden title change, the two shall once again do battle for the US title at Battleground.

There is something exciting about AJ Styles holding the US Champion, think about the prospect of the open challenge under Styles’ reign, quite something to behold. There is still no doubt that AJ Styles is the best wrestler in WWE today and has been for the past year since his arrival.

KO is also due credit, nothing but joy when he steps between the ropes, especially with AJ Styles. On the part of KO, we should expect to see his absolute best at Battleground.

This Sunday, I am expecting to see AJ Styles retain the WWE United States Championship.

Prediction: AJ Styles to defeat Kevin Owens to retain the WWE United States Championship.

Charlotte VS Becky Lynch VS Tamina VS Lana VS Natayla: Fatal-Five-Way Number One Contenders Match For The WWE Smackdown Live! Women’s Championship

The Women of Smackdown Live! have another chance to showcase their talent in a Fatal-Five-Way match, at Battleground The winner shall face the WWE Smackdown Live! Women’s Champion.

This is essentially an interesting bout at this point, simply because I cannot call an outright winner. But with that in mind, perhaps the WWE universe may be overlooking this bout and potential cash-in from Carmella on the night? will we end up seeing a new WWE Smackdown Live! Women’s Champion at Battleground? potentially.

This is really a swing for the fence opposed to “educated” guess, but I am going with Becky Lynch to win the Fatal-Five-Way.

Prediction: Becky Lynch to win the Fatal-Five-Way and become Number One Contender.

Shinsuke Nakamura VS Baron Corbin

Mr. Money in the Bank Baron Corbin shall face the king of strong style Shinsuke Nakamura at Battleground this Sunday.

The two have been on a collision course as of late, so they shall seemingly settle their differences at Battleground. This shall be an interesting test for Nakamura, as he shall have to approach the bout with a different mindset, as the size of Corbin is something to change his strategy.

Similarly this shall be something that can test Corbin, as he would not have quite faced anyone like Nakamura, who is not exactly easy striking, let’s just say that!

I am with Shinsuke Nakamura to win this bout.

Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura to defeat Baron Corbin.

Sami Zayn VS Mike Kanellis

The power of love finally arrive on Smackdown Live! Mike Kanellis and his wife Maria Kanellis arrived in WWE, following months of speculation. His PPV debut shall come against none other than our hero Sami Zayn.

Kanellis defeated Zayn this past week on Smackdown Live! in what was his WWE debut match. For the best part Kanellis looked strong, as expected of course. But as Zayn lost on Smackdown, one has to wonder if they shall want to keep him strong for this Sunday at Battleground.

As this is Kanellis’ WWE PPV debut, I am with a Mike Kanellis victory.

Prediction: Mike Kanellis to defeat Sami Zayn.