‘Wear You’re Shittin’ Pants’ War Is Here Watch The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer

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I do hope you have your ‘shittin’ Pants’ as you’re going to need them as The Walking Dead Season 8 Teaser trailer is now online. In exactly 3 months time ‘All Out War’ will kick-off and San Diego Comic Con unveiled the promo giving fans an early tease of what we can expect. Now Fox UK/AMC has released that trailer online and it’s tense, action packed and damn exciting….

The first we have to say is the old Rick Grimes is back! After being teased a little at the end of the dramatic Season 7 finale it’s great to see him lead the survivors to the War with Negan (The ‘All Out War’ section from the comic books) when he’ll find stand up. The first look trailer does tease a lot of possibilities the most notable is Old Man Rick. Right at the end of the trailer, we see the grey Rick with walking cane waking up, but what is he waking up from? Where is he? Is Fox teasing us with that fan theory that the last 8 years was all a dream and he’s still in the hospital? For those who follow the comic book know this story arc there is is a time jump.

Back to the start of the trailer we open with Father Gabriel and things don’t look good for him. Walkers outside the building he’s in with Negan from the dark hoping he’s got his ‘shitting Pants’ on. Is he about to do what he did to Rick at the start of Season 7 throw him out to defend himself? Whatever we’ve probably just heard the new seasons next most quotable slogan.

After this, the dialogue is minimal with an Inspirational Speech from Rick who talks about the time Jesus told him his world was going to get bigger. Now it has and as he recites the speech we see Daryl back to his badass self, Alexandrians, Hilltop, The Kingdom getting ready for war. Michonne also seems to have recovered from her near death beating, but why are Jesus and Morgan fighting? What’s with the walker and the carrier Bag?

It’s exciting stuff for the survivors and we can’t really go by reading straight from the books as we know Robert Kirkman like to twist, chop and add to the Walking Dead mythology.

Today at Comic Con, the panel nearly never happened due to being so close to the recent death to one of the stuntmen John Bernecker. With Showrunner Scott Gimple delivering an emotional tribute to John who lost his life last week (14th July).


The Walking Dead Season 8 will premiere in the UK and Ireland on Monday 23rd October (USA 22nd).