Film Review – Darkness Wakes (2016)

Film Review – Darkness Wakes (2016)


Darkness Wakes is the newest release from UK film company Left Films. I am a big fan of what Left have released before so when I got the offer to review this, of course, I jumped at it. And I am very pleased that I did.

Following Charlotte a young student who takes a job from a strange couple to cat sit for them over the weekend while they are away. However, things are not as they seem when night falls. An easy weekend, looking after a cat for pretty great pay seemed like the perfect weekend but not for this student.

When I was watching this film, although it is British, I got a House of the Devil feels from it. It had that eerie atmosphere that I love in these haunted house movies. I also was caught off guard with what actually happened in this film. I felt as though I was constantly kept on the edge of my seat and that I was never sure what was going to happen. However at the start, I was convinced I was going to know the usual tropes of this sort of film, which is not a bad thing at all, but again I was pleasantly surprised.

There were no real negatives for me in this film, as with most of the Left Films releases. My only comment would be that some of the actings from the supporting characters were not great. However, I personally can forgive these things seeing as the film is pretty independently made. However, I know for many people things like bad acting can make or break a film.

Like I said though I personally really like this film and I feel a lot of horror film fans will also very much enjoy the film! It’s a film that I love to see get a release even a direct to DVD release is great as I know that a market like that still sells well and there is still a strong community of people who love watching films like this.

All in all, I highly recommend this film and although I do think horror fans will enjoy the film and get everything horror fans would want, this certainly will not be a film for your general film fans.

Highly Enjoyable!

Ross Wilcock |

Horror | UK, 2017 | 15 | 28th August 2017 (UK) | Left Films | Dir.Simon Richardson | Aisling Knight, Richard Kilgour, Nick Bridge-Butler | Buy:Darkness Wakes [DVD]

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