DVD Review- Fight Owens Fight: The Kevin Owens Story


He is one of the wrestling industry’s most popular superstars of the past decade- he is Kevin Owens. Perhaps of Indy wrestling’s biggest darlings has become one of the industry’s top stars. Since arriving in WWE In 2014, Kevin Owens has taken the industry by storm. This three-disc documentary showcases the life and career of Kevin Owens, prior to rising to prominence. Interviews from the likes of Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins and Steve Corino, provide an insight into the man behind the KO persona.

Additionally, there are two discs full of special features and matches. In general, the documentary provides a better insight into Kevin Owens’ rise to prominence and how he came to be. Prior to signing with WWE, Kevin Owens spent years working on the independent scene between America and Canada. Despite being told he was not the typical wrestler promoters wanted, he continued to make strides and progress. Quickly becoming one of Canada’s biggest Indy stars, Owens would head to the States. Beginning in CZW with Sami Zayn and then becoming Ring of Honor’s biggest stars. However, his life and career would experience turbulence along the way.

Upon his epic rivalry with Sami Zayn in ROH, Zayn would sign for WWE in the summer of 2013. This would be a moment that stuck with Kevin Owens. But less than a year later, Owens would finally realise his lifelong dream, as he signed for WWE. Then Owens would immediately head for NXT and one of the quickest pushes in WWE history.

Defeating Sami Zayn for the NXT Champion in 2014, just two months into his WWE debut, Owens was rising faster than anyone would have believed. Months down the line, Owens faced John Cena, defeating him on his PPV debut. Then just within a year, Owens had held the WWE Intercontinental and WWE Universal Champion.

There is no doubt that despite becoming of WWE’s top stars, Owens is still universally loved across the industry by fans. For a 16 year-old who was told he was not going to make it, he created yet another feel good story for aspiring wrestlers. This story really drives home the dream of many young wrestling fans.

Overall this is now one of my personal favourite wrestling documentary DVD’s. In addition to being a huge Kevin Owens fan, one can truly learn more about KO. If you are a WWE DVD collector, I would most certainly recommend you pick this up, please? It would look great with your collection.