Cody Rhodes: Life & Success After WWE

The world of professional wrestling is never stagnant. The past few years have really opened up different perspectives of the industry. While we always have one eye on WWE, in recent times we have been veering our attention wider.

Promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor have been eye-catching. More specifically some of the names featured in these promotions, have also caught the eye of the industry. For example; Cody Rhodes.

Formerly recognized as WWE superstar, Cody Rhodes (now known as simply ‘Cody’) has become one of the hottest names on the independent wrestling scene within the past year. His success story has proven to many that there is life after WWE.

New Japan Pro Wrestling Debut & Run

On January 4th at Wrestle Kingdom 11, Cody made his New Japan Pro Wrestling debut. He defeated Juice Robinson (also a former WWE superstar) mid-way through the event. Despite only appearing sporadically so far for the Japanese promotion, Cody has proven he is more than capable of going toe to toe with the best Japan has to offer.

This past Saturday Cody faced IWGP World Champion Kazuchika Okada for the championship. This match was made as New Japan hosted a special G1 event in Long Beach, California. Subsequently, Cody was defeated by Okada in what was Cody’s best match since his independent wrestling debut.

Fans are excited to see what Cody can continue to offer in Japan. So with this in mind I would recommend keeping your eyes out for his name in the spotlight, especially in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Ring of Honor World Champion

After making his Ring of Honor debut in December of last year, Cody has quickly become a household name for indy wrestling fans. Then this past April, Cody officially decided to sign with ROH, following a stint as a free agent. None the less he has now devoted his career to working with the North-American promotion and New Japan, as both promotions work in collaboration.

On June 23rd at the War of the Worlds PPV, Cody won his first major world champion, winning the Ring of Honor World Champion. This moment was the defining pinnacle of Cody’s career in the past year, since departing WWE.

Finally as Cody won his first world title, his career was rewarded its merit. Once predicted to be a world champion in WWE, he is now one of the independent’s leading stars in the industry.

Bullet Club’s American Nightmare

Cody would catch the attention of industry after his WWE career by joining the Bullet Club. One of the wrestling’s most over factions ever were now welcoming wrestling royalty. Shortly after Cody was being dubbed as the ‘American Nightmare’.

While Bullet Club has had some random additions before, there is no doubt Cody befits the faction. additionally as a heel he is the perfect member. Furthermore the nickname the ‘American Nightmare’ is a touching and clever homage to his late father Dusty Rhodes.

In my opinion Cody is one of Bullet Club’s best ever additions to the faction. A star in the making who can only continue to light-up the industry, was always going to be a great addition to the faction.

WCPW Internet Championship Stint

Prior to tasting success in ROH, Cody spent some time in England with Whatculture Pro Wrestling. Cody won the WCPW Internet Champion back in November of last year, while also holding the GFW NEX*GEN Championship.

Following his stint in WCPW, Cody can look back on his time in England with fondness. He pulled out some great performances for the promotion especially while holding the WCPW Internet Champion. Despite not much being said about this run, I believe it showcased just how capable and brilliant Cody truly has been on the independent wrestling scene.

If there is a living-proof that there is life and success after WWE, then it is in the form of one Cody Rhodes. Despite not being recognized as a Rhodes, he is still a Rhodes and carries that prestige name with pride.

Cody Rhodes is without doubt one of professional wrestling’s biggest and best stars.