Bluray Review – The Levelling (2017)

Most fascinating is the way Hope Dickson Leach‘s debut begins not so much with whispers of grief but full, explicit and very real tremors of detachment. As the world around passes slowly by, amidst luminous grey clouds and gentle streams, our protagonist feels the hardened soil beneath her quake, threatening at any moment to swallow her up.
A farm that refuses to Philander, and stains that refuse to leave. The Levelling strikes as an exercise in struggling catharsis in a world without answers. Ever constant is the striking photography, setting an eerie sense of rugged mysticism to the Somerset levels.
This is not a new premise. The disconnect between ages and genders through what is not said and what cannot be said is an age old formula, but what keeps Leach’s film stunningly fresh is the intense tone which rings throughout. With two powerful performances at the helm, from Kendrick and Troughton respectively, The Levelling only grows in effect throughout its runtime, producing an edge-of-seat show of paranoia and grief against the strength of love in threat of tarnish.
Special Features:
Interviews with Ellie Kendrick, Davis Troughton, Jack Holden
Working on The Levelling
Interview with Hope Dickson Leach by Another Gaze

Peter Fletcher

Drama | UK, 2016 | 15 | 17th July 2017 (UK) | Peccadillo Pictures | Dir.Hope Dickson Leach | Ellie Kendrick, David Troughton, Jack Holden | Buy:The Levelling [Blu-ray]