Watch Sesame Street Orange Is The New Black Parody

Watch Sesame Street Orange Is The New Black Parody

Fans Of Netflix’s award-winning Orange Is The New Black take note Sesame Street has now made a parody of your favourite streaming drama. We have, to be honest, we are not avid viewers or know the critically acclaimed show inside out but we’ve seen enough to know this is eerily accurate, most of all brilliant.

For those old enough to have grown up with the long running popular kids television show has always been regarded as The Muppets ‘little brother’. The Muppets have had a long history of making parodies of popular television shows and movies with many Sesame Street characters appearing in those parodies.

The popular Children’s show is renowned for promoting a more ‘educational’ stance and turn Orange Is The New Black to Orange Is The New Snack. Exchanging the stories of the inmates of the all-female prison to learning kids the nutritional values of fruit and orange especially.

As we don’t want to show kids, prison is ‘fun’, the video is now in a private school setting with the character in a more school like a uniform. Piper (Snackman) is the one who brings the fruit, Sleazy guard Mr Porntache is now a teacher Mr Moustache. Crazy Eyes is now Google Eyes, with Morello and Red still with the strong Russian accent.

If you can remember the very first episode of Orange Is The New Black, this 5 minute video runs like the start of that particular episode, eerily in virtually every detail.

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