In Thank You For Your Service Trailer Miles Tellers Struggles With Civvy Life

I’m not going to pretend or do I ever want to experience war on my doorstep, same can be said about life as a soldier. Over the past few decades, we take for granted once soldiers return home from duty everything will be honky dory, not in Thank You For Your Service.

After his directorial debut as a screenwriter on American Sniper, Jason Hall makes his directorial debut and today we get a look at the movies UK trailer courtesy on Entertainment One.

Miles Teller leads the cast in this movie of a soldier called Adam who struggles to integrate with family and civilian life after serving in Iraq for his country. After appearing in several straight to DVD rom-com’s, mediocre comedies, Teller is certainly taking advantage off the springboard of Whiplash. This movie looks a real test of his dramatic skills but could it cement any awards nominations?

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE follows a group of U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq who struggles to integrate back into the family and civilian life while living with the memory of a war that threatens to destroy them long after they’ve left the battlefield. The gripping drama is based on the bestselling book by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author David Finkel.

When you have chosen a career as intense as the Army we forget how the rollercoaster of emotions, daily routines these soldiers have been exposed too. So when adapting back to life pre-army it’s tough and this trailer teases many of those obstacles Adam attempts to beat. PTSD was a word that’s only been around for the past 10 or so years which is a first step to help the soldiers mental health.

Miles Teller really looks great in this role and so do the other cast members including Amy Schumer out her comfort zone of comedy into drama. It’s hard to say at this stage how well the movie will be received but if we go by Hall’s last job American Sniper, it might just make a mark in the awards season.

Thank You For Your Service doesn’t have the UK or Irish cinema released confirmed yet, with The USA one 27th October, don’t be surprised if it’s the same or a few weeks later. The movie also stars Haley Bennett, Joe Cole, Beulah Koale, Scott Haze, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Brad Beyer, Omar J. Dorsey and Jayson Warner Smith.