From Swearing Goats to Head Transplants: The Funniest Horror Movie Scenes Ever

From Swearing Goats to Head Transplants: The Funniest Horror Movie Scenes Ever

Drag Me To Hell” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by sinemabed

Although horror movies are primarily designed to scare us senseless, leave us cowering behind the sofa, and force us to sleep with the lights on in the days that follow, a lot of films fail to achieve those spine-tingling levels of fear. Some movies even go the opposite way, and force viewers to spit their popcorn out due to the absurd hilarity of what they are seeing. There have been some pretty ridiculous scenes over the years, and here we take a look at some of the most memorable.

Drag Me to Hell (2009) – Goat Attack

Despite Drag Me to Hell receiving fairly good reviews and having a score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film featured some absolutely ridiculous scenes. But perhaps that was what Sam Raimi had intended. By far the funniest part of the movie was the séance, during which the evil spirit manages to pass into a goat. The goat then starts talking and directing profanities at the poor cursed girl. Before viewers have had a chance to come to terms with that, the spirit then passes into a man who starts to perform a Riverdance-like jig in mid-air.

Rampage (2009) – Bingo Hall

In dark thriller Rampage, mass murderer Bill Williamson takes a break from his killing spree to enter a bingo hall, in which hundreds of people are engrossed in the popular game. In full body armour and carrying two machine guns, he goes up to the counter and orders a sandwich and a drink. Hardly any of the players take any notice of him, and in a hilariously bizarre moment, he strangely ends up leaving without deciding to harm anyone. It’s obvious that this clip is nearly ten years old, as more people tend to play bingo online in the late 2010s, with the market now worth £153 million annually in the UK alone. New online bingo operators appear on a regular basis, many of which offer welcome bonuses and promotions to attract new customers. And, you know, by playing online, there’s also less risk of a gunman walking in on you.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 : Dream Warriors (1987) – TV Death

Wes Craven’s classic A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise went progressively downhill after the legendary horror director allowed others to make the sequels. By the time Dream Warriors came out, they were really clutching at straws when it came to having a plausible storyline. Jennifer’s death scene illustrates this perfectly. She’s watching TV when a talk show host morphs into Freddy Krueger and attacks his guest. When the TV loses signal, Jennifer tries to hit it. This is when the clawed hands of Krueger appear and aggressively pull her into the TV set, frying her to death. A young Laurence Fishburne then walks into the room and looks mildly surprised to see a dead girl hanging from the TV on the wall.

Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003) – Changing Head Scene

This has to go down as one of the most jaw-achingly funny scenes in any film ever. It includes a double-whammy hit of comedy as two inconceivable things happen in quick succession. First, one of the stranded teens on the bus is captured by the film’s winged monster, and subsequently has his head removed as his friends try to wrestle him from evil’s grasp. The boy’s headless body then proceeds to dance for a few moments in truly bizarre fashion before falling to the floor. So as not to provide viewers with any respite, the camera then cuts to the beast on top of the bus who is in the process of pulling its own head off. It then grows the head of the boy that it just decapitated, pulls a sadistic grin, and flies away.

Although these films highlight some of the more absurd moments in horror cinema history, there have been a number of films that have used comedy to good effect. Scream knew how to use humour to provide another layer to the picture, as did The Cabin in the Woods. Some films, however, achieved levels of comedy without even meaning to. Take Urban Legend, House of the Dead, and Troll 2 as three prime examples.

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