Why Sami Zayn Should Win Money In The Bank

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This Sunday WWE Money In The Bank takes place. The Smackdown Live! exclusive PPV shall host the annual Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Six of the rosters top superstars battle for the entitlement to a WWE Championship match, within the next 12 months.

Among the participants; Sami Zayn. Drafted to Smackdown Live! in April, Sami Zayn remains one of the most popular superstars in WWE. While his popularity is not questionable, his work merits a far greater reward.

Here is why Sami Zayn should win Money In The Bank.

Birth of A New Top Babyface

There are plenty of top babyface superstars that fans can relate to. However it would appear as if Sami Zayn is perhaps at the top of that pile. Since his NXT days, Zayn has been a relatable character for majority of the WWE Universe. Therefore with this in mind it would be fitting to allow him to win Money In The Bank.

If WWE allow Sami Zayn to win the briefcase, then his character shall have a more than warranted reward, to which fans can see the inevitable. A lot of fans have compared Sami Zayn to Daniel Bryan, as they are the only wrestlers who can take losses, but have it benefit their careers in the long-run.

To be more precise I believe WWE should have Sami Zayn hold the Money In The Bank briefcase for a very longtime. This is because it worked a charm with Daniel Bryan back in 2011, so why can’t WWE create parallel’s between the two?

New Found Booking

Since his arrival to Smackdown Live! Sami Zayn has found a new lease of life, in terms of his booking. While he may not be running through the roster with victories, he is certainly expressing himself. Personally I believe that the roster on Smackdown is better, furthermore Zayn has been able to pull of better matches.

Unless there are plans for Sami Zayn to win the WWE United States Champion (which would not be bad) then he should win Money In The Bank. However one could argue that a run with the US Title shall be the stepping stone Zayn needs, as he more than merits a strong run in the upper mid-card.

At this point it would not be the end of the world if Sami Zayn didn’t win Money In The Bank. But in any case it would be ideal for his character in the long-term aspect, or even winning the WWE United States Championship would be beneficial.

Slow Push Towards Main Event Status

There is no doubt that Sami Zayn is a future main event tier superstar. Despite fans being disgruntled with WWE’s booking of him in recent years, we have to be patient. Like I said previously, it would not be the end of the world if Sami Zayn did not win Money In The Bank. This is because his horizon is not short, as he is a versatile superstar.

In the event of Sami Zayn winning Money In The Bank, his main event status shall receive a slow but sure push. Even if it takes an entire year to push him up the card, it shall be worth it. Similar to Daniel Bryan there is a story to be told, which fans shall get behind.

Finally, if WWE desire to push Sami Zayn as the “Underdog”, then allowing him to win Money In The Bank, shall provide his character with an incentive. Which in the long-term shall serve him wonders.

Should Sami Zayn win Money In The Bank? How would you book Sami Zayn? Let us know in the comments below……..