Phil Lord And Chris Miller Loose Han Solo Movie For Been ‘Too Comedic’

This news this week of The Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller leaving The Han Solo movie project shocked and unearthed an array of rumours on why. Since the breaking news, new information has emerged expanding on the official reason for ‘Creative Differences‘. This reason opens up a pandora’s box of possible reasons for the pairs firing, however, EW is reporting they know why the pair were shown the door.

The approach to the movie seems to have been the core of the problem according to the magazine. As we know Lord and Miller have made a name for themselves as comedic filmmakers. Naturally, the pair believed they were hired to make a comedy. However Lucasfilm had other ideas, so what started as a ‘small misunderstanding‘ slowly evolved something bigger.When advised to stick to the intended direction Lucasfilm wanted the pair continued to stick to their guns introducing a lot of improvisation, making it only a matter of time for the axe to fall.

You’ve got to wonder what Phil Lord and Chris Miller were thinking. When you get the job to work on one of the biggest most popular Movie franchises ever be it a spin-off there will be expectations in every department. This is a tentpole movie you will be expected to stick to the script next to make your own stamp on the movie. This leads to the question what was Lucasfilm thinking when they hired two filmmakers renowned for their comedy? Of course, many genre filmmakers have moved out of their comfort zone into other genres with some fantastic results, so was it the script? Did the script not allow Lord and Miller to make their stamp or was it simply a script they didn’t believe in? This will probably be one of those stories we’ll never learn the full extent of what happened, but now 2 people don’t have a job, their reputation probably tarnished too.

Now Ron Howard has stepped into the hot seat or has he put it “a little opportunity that came my way.”. He wasn’t everyone’s choice, he is a friend of George Lucas and original Han Solo Harrison Ford. Howard has been in and around the Star Wars franchise since day one, even going back to the days of American Grafitti the pair worked together on. Who will get the final credit? As in how far into the movie Lord and Miller got, they probably get some form of credit as will Ron Howard, only Disney can answer that question.

For three weeks starting 10th July Howard will kick off the final weeks with about 5 weeks of reshoots during the summer.Hopefully, he settles the ship and has a second Star Wars spin-off to look forward to. Han Solo movie is set for May 2018 release date.