March 23, 2023

The Odyssey UK Trailer Sails Online, Examines The Life Of Jacques Cousteau


Before there were computers, the internet and mobile phones, going out in the big wild world or reading books was what kids used to do. To a certain generation of kids Jacques Cousteau he was a heroic adventurer and in The Odyssey, his life will be brought to the big screen.

Ahead of its UK&Irish cinema release Altitude Entertainment has sent us the movies Official UK Trailer a movie that examines the life of ocean explorer and adventurer.

In the 1960’s Cousteau was an icon to those loved adventures, kids read his books, watched him on TV as brought the life of the oceans to those never even the sea. Whilst nowadays there’s very little of the Ocean we don’t know about but decades ago it was still an intriguing mysterious place very few dared to go.

1948. Jacques Cousteau, his wife and his two sons are living in paradise, in a beautiful house overlooking the Mediterranean. But all Cousteau can think of is adventure. Thanks to his invention, an independent aqualung allowing divers to breathe underwater, he has discovered a whole new world. Now all he wants to do is explore this world. And he is willing to sacrifice everything to achieve this.

If you live in London, Cine Lumiere will be hosting a special preview of the movie on 5th July.

The Odyssey will be released in the UK and Ireland cinematically from 18th August. The movie is directed by Jérôme Salle, starring Lambert Wilson, Pierre Niney and Audrey Tautou.