What Next For Finn Balor?

Since his return to WWE, Finn Balor has been a welcome presence to Monday Night RAW. WWE’s resident Demon returned in April, following a sustained shoulder injury at WWE Summerslam last August. While his return was a welcome one, at this point his plans are unknown.

So now the question remains; What next for Finn Balor?

Current Feud With Elias Samson

This past week on RAW Finn Balor engaged in a feud with Elias Samson. During a segment where Samson was set to perform, Balor interrupted much to the dismay of the “Drifter”. Then backstage Balor was attacked by Samson, thus seemingly planting the seeds in this feud.

Now while it is far from the ideal feud for Balor, at least he is on our screens. I truly believe Balor is one of the best performers in the company, however, it has to be said that this feud undermines that. But surely this feud cannot last any longer than WWE Great Balls of Fire, surely.

Essentially Balor’s feud with Samson feels nothing more than filler. So with this in mind one could elaborate that it is a warm-up for Balor, heading into WWE Summerslam.

WWE Universal Championship Rematch?

At WWE Summerslam last August, Finn Balor became the first WWE Universal Champion. However, he would relinquish the title 24 hours later, due to a suffering shoulder injury. This ultimately stomped out any plans the company had for Balor.

Fast-forward almost a year later and Balor has not yet had his rematch. While we should not expect it straight away, one has to wonder when he is due to this match. If anything he teased a feud with current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar a few months ago. None the less that has not come to fruition as of yet.

A feud with Lesnar has been debated in Balor’s case. Many do not believe Balor should beat Lesnar because of his size. As shallow as that sounds it is true, as Balor has received a lot of criticism due to his stature. But why should that prevent Balor from fulfilling his potential? For now, we shall wait and see if WWE is going with this plan, regardless Balor is due to a rematch for the title he never lost.

Reunion With Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows?

Also, this past week on RAW, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows had enough. Upon losing to the Hardy Boyz, the duo expressed their anger with their status. However, while this was part of a storyline, it truly reflected how fans feel for the tag team.

Since their arrival to WWE last year, the former IWGP Tag Team Champions have been under-booked. Once considered one of the best tag teams in wrestling, they have been provided little to go on in their WWE careers. Despite being WWE RAW Tag Team Champions their reign did not last near long enough.

Finn Balor, Anderson & Gallows were all former members of the Bullet Club. Now all three superstars are on the main-roster, so why would anyone rule out a reunion? So while they will not be called Bullet Club, perhaps Balor Club shall finally be more than just merchandise? It probably won’t happen now or soon, but surely sometime in the future, things may be just too sweet.

How would you book Finn Balor? Should he face Brock Lesnar? Let us know in the comments below……..

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