Lucha Underground TV Report- 31/05/17 (Season 3, Episode 20)

After a mid-season break, Lucha Underground returned. For the first time here on the People’s Movies; here is a TV Report for Lucha Underground- Season 3, Episode 20.

  • The show opens up with a recap of the final episode, prior to the mid-season break.
  • Commentary team Matt Striker & Vampiro open up the broadcast.
  • Finally, we are set for the only bout of the show.

Johnny Mundo VS The Mack: All Night Long For The Lucha Underground Championship

The Mack earned this opportunity after defeating PJ Black, some episodes back, before the mid-season break. Johnny Mundo shall defend his Lucha Underground Championship against The Mack, in an All Night Long match.

To start off, the match opened up very nicely. The two competitors exchanged blows, as from the off it was going to be a heavy hitting bout, one to which was prosperous.

Mundo picked up the first fall, taking the lead early on. Then he doubled his lead 2-0, Mundo displayed early dominant signs from the off. However, The Mack scored his first fall, making it 2-1.

However despite Mack’s resilience to regain momentum, Mundo played off a kayfabe injury, luring Mack into a trap. In addition to this the injury spot allowed the match to be timed. This allowed Mundo to regain his lead, scoring another pinfall to make it 3-1.

As the match progressed the spots were also progressively higher, as it was turning into a memorable bout. The Mack scored his second fall, making the score 3-2, but the bout remained in the favour of Mundo. At this point there were 15 minutes left of the match.

PJ Black then got involved, on behalf of partner Johnny Mundo, providing a distraction. However, Son of Havoc evened up the odds, ensuing a brawl between the four. Furthermore, Sexy Star leapt from the stage onto Mundo & Black, one of the best spots of the night.

After all the distractions cleared, The Mack levelled the score to 3-3, less than ten minutes remained of the contest.

A Ladder and Table were brought into the ring, as the contest was slowly coming to a close. The Mack set up the ladder, as Mundo was laid out on the table. With less than a minute to go, Mack frog-splashed Mundo through the table, which cued a massive pop.

However with seconds remaining, The Mack did not cover Mundo in time. The bout ended in a draw, Johnny Mundo retained the Lucha Underground Championship.

Winner: Johnny Mundo Retains The Lucha Underground Championship

Following the bout, it was announced that The Mack and Johnny Mundo shall settle the score. One more fall to be decided next week. The broadcast closed with The Mack giving the stunner to Johnny Mundo.