John Cena VS Roman Reigns At Summerslam?

Last week it was reported that John Cena shall return to WWE as a free agent. Therefore he shall be entitled to appear on both RAW and Smackdown Live!. In addition to this Cena shall make his return to WWE TV on the July 4th edition of Smackdown.

Now looking further into the picture, WWE Summerslam is only around the corner. Thus speculation for the prospective card has been mounting. One match that has been rumoured for the PPV is John Cena VS Roman Reigns.

John Cena VS Roman Reigns At Summerslam?

It is seemingly no coincidence that John Cena is returning as a free agent. Firstly, once the announcement was made, it was clear Cena was going to be working on RAW. This is because in-light of the announcement, it would only make logical sense in terms of booking, for Cena to work within the capacity of the RAW roster.

However one has to remember that Cena is a “free agent”, thus he shall likely appear on Smackdown at some point during the build to Summerslam.

As for Roman Reigns, for him to face Cena at Summerslam would be a welcome prospect. This is because the match will be a new challenge for Reigns. In addition to this the WWE universe will be hot for this bout, the potential for a genuine evoked reaction, remains a real possibility. Furthermore it shall also give Reigns a new incentive.

Why This Match Should Happen

Perhaps far from a dream match, John Cena VS Roman Reigns makes sense. Let’s not forget that WWE have been reportedly wanting Reigns to replace Cena at the top of the company. So essentially there is no better way to pave that path then to have a match at Summerslam. The long-term booking benefits Reigns, especially if WWE want to build him as the top guy.

In general, the long-term booking benefits are understandable. If Cena is going to phased out of full-time wrestling, then ideally Reigns shall need to be there in his place. The potential for a good storied feud is possible, regarding WWE do it right.

Overall this match and feud are ideal for WWE right now. Upon Cena’s return, he shall need something to set him on his way. On the other hand, Reigns shall need something to galvanise his run once more, it works ideally for both superstars.




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