Should John Cena Return As A Free Agent?

Should John Cena Return As A Free Agent?

On the July 4th edition of Smackdown Live! John Cena shall once again return to WWE. The WWE universe has not seen Cena since Wrestlemania 33. However despite returning to Smackdown Live!, there appears to be a twist in his comeback.

WWE formally announced that John Cena shall return as a “free agent”. Therefore entitling him to participate on both brands, RAW and Smackdown.

But one question shall be asked; Should John Cena return as a free agent?

Summer Plans For John Cena

At this point, John Cena’s plans for the summer are not yet known. Despite several rumours suggesting an array of plans, we shall have to wait and see what holds for the Cenation leader. None the less one would have to assume those plans are grand.

It has been rumoured that Cena has expressed his desire to work with younger talent, as he did two years during his WWE United States Championship run. If this is something the company have planned, then it shall potentially pay dividends for both parties, between Cena and the younger roster of talent.

Additionally, it was also rumoured that Cena shall feud with current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. However, I do believe that rumour may be somewhat faint, as it would not benefit the run of Mahal, who needs something new to boost his run in the long-term.

Finally, last week rumours floated that Cena is due to face Roman Reigns at WWE Summerslam. While this is not seemingly in the works just yet, one should not rule that potential feud out. If there was any PPV for these two to clash, it would have to be Summerslam.

Are WWE TV Ratings The Reason For The Free Agent Concept?

2017 has not been entirely kind to WWE. Most notably for Monday Night RAW, as the show’s ratings have heavily plummeted. The longest running weekly episodic TV show in history is, in fact, suffering its lowest ratings since 1995.

In addition to this Smackdown Live! have also tanked their ratings, despite the show not being widely criticized. It would seem as if RAW’s poor TV ratings are acting as a repellent for fans to tune into Smackdown Live!.

Now if one puts into mind the current state of WWE TV ratings, then one could ask; Is this the reason behind John Cena’s free agency? When Cena returned back in January, WWE TV Ratings were off the ground once again, emphasising how important Cena remains for the company.

In general one would be inclined to ask if WWE is essentially looking to regalvanize TV ratings or simply content for both shows. Overall one would assume this is a strategical move made by the company, potentially for a variety of reasons.

Will The Concept Around John Cena Work?

Okay, here is something that may divide opinion. Yes, I do believe that this concept it widely unfair. This is because in some cases it can seemingly undermine the rest of the active WWE roster. There are plenty of full-time stars who should be entitled to cross-brand freedom. Imagine the likes of Finn Balor and AJ Styles being free-agents?

Also one could argue that it defeats the purpose of the WWE Brand Extension. What was the point in having John Cena being drafted to Smackdown? It would be typical WWE to go back on themselves, hopefully, Cena is the only active free agent, otherwise, we could be set for a frenzy.

On the other hand, if there is any WWE superstar who can work with the free agent concept, it has to be John Cena. His popularity and name can obviously carry any storyline, therefore perhaps this is a concept that WWE can strike gold with.

Are you pleased to see John Cena return to WWE TV? Do you think he should return as a free agent? Let us know in the comments below……




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