In It Comes At Night UK Trailer Something Lurks In The Dark

It seems every year, the independent film seems to unearth Horror gems that rip up the so-called rule book creating something truly scary most of all entertaining.2017 It Comes At Night could be this years ‘watch for’ horror movie and after last few months we’ve been hearing about, now it has the UK release!

The end of the world is nigh, there’s nothing worse than this dread, Trey Edwards Shults psychological horror thriller centres on a teenage boy (Kelvin Harrison, Jr.) who grapples with mounting terrors ( external and otherwise)in the aftermath of an unnamed cataclysm. Universal Pictures have released the terror, released the UK Trailer, watch it now!

Secure within a desolate home with his vigilant, protective and heavily armed parents (Joel Edgerton and Carmen Ejogo), 17-year-old Travis navigates fear, grief and paranoia amid scarce resources as a desperate young couple (Christopher Abbott and Riley Keough) seeks refuge in his family home with their young child.

Despite the best intentions of both families, panic and mistrust boil over as the horrors of the outside world creep ever closer. But they are nothing compared to the horrors within, where Travis discovers that his father’s commitment to protecting the family may cost him his soul.

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If you adored the tone, the stylings of movies like It Follows, The VVitch, this one will go down a treat. Stripped back from predictability, emphasis on playing with the basics of horror, psychological mind games.When we loose control anything can happen, and this movie looks unsettling with reviews from the U.S/Festivals backing that notion up. The big question is this movie too stylish, too arthouse for general movie goer? will it be a movie that horror fans will adore only? Hopefully, with the likes of Edgerton, Keough and Ejogo this will get a decent run here in the UK and Ireland.

It Comes At Night will be out in the UK and Ireland from 7th July.