Francis Lee’s God’s Own Country Releases UK Trailer

Ahead of it’s UK Premiere and the opening of Edinburgh Film Festival tomorrow, Picturehouse Entertainment has released the first trailer for God’s Own Country. Since riding the waves of highly critical reviews since making their Sundance Film Festival, the movie takes a step closer to general release with this promo.

Francis Lee’s highly anticipated movies have been causing a storm. Nicknamed the ‘British Brokeback Mountain’ the British indie is a contemporary tale of self-discovery and emotional-awakening set on the sheep farming hills of rural England.

Johnny Saxby works long hours in brutal isolation on his family’s remote farm in the north of England. He numbs the daily frustration of his lonely existence with nightly binge-drinking at the local pub and casual sex. When a handsome Romanian migrant worker arrives to take up temporary work on the family farm, Johnny suddenly finds himself having to deal with emotions he has never felt before. Intense relationship forms between the two which could change Johnny’s life forever.

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This movie is a perfect example of how attitudes towards sexuality within society have been slowly changing. Whilst this may not be a completely LGBT movie but its core message of opening up to who you are will connect with LGBT Community. This is not 1970’s or 1980’s anymore, you could say a movie like A God’s Own Country next to Moonlight, Weekend, Brokeback Mountain, Carol are very liberating. This movie seems to cover repression and fear of being yourself be it straight or gay, society some parts of the world may be prehistoric, or stuck in a backwards time warp, just be yourself.

God’s Own Country is set to open Edinburgh Film Festival tomorrow 21st June (book your tickets here) before opening in the UK&Ireland on 1st September. The movie stars Josh O’Connor, Alex Secareanu, Ian Hart and Gemma Jones.

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