The 5 Netflix Series You Cannot Miss This Year

Netflix: our faithful weekend companion. Regularly updated with all kinds of newy newness, our favourite streaming service is jam packed with delicious content. Let’s take a look at some of the shows you absolutely cannot miss this year. Buckle up, kids. Here’s the best of what Netflix has to offer…

Sense 8

This may be the only TV show to immerse you into as many as 8 cultures in one episode. 8 unsuspecting people discover they have a connection – despite all living in various nooks and crannies in the world. From the heat of Africa to the scenery of Iceland, Sense 8 may start slow, but by the first season finale, you’ll be utterly hooked.

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper – quite possibly one of the greatest onscreen characters ever invented (it’s a close tie with Forrest Gump). The Big Bang Theory (channel 4 in UK) sees Sheldon, a socially inept physicist, gradually learn the social code, while his neighbour, Penny, learns about the world of geeky Sheldon, along with his roommate Leonard, are so firmly a part of. Sheldon’s quirks lead to many laughs and the show promises to be your new post-work wind down.


Continuing the theme of dark high school happenings we’ve been seeing creep up in television shows lately, Riverdale introduces us to a murder mystery in a small town. A group of high school kids try to find out what happened to their fellow classmate, whilst dealing with their own issues along the way. Quirky and full of character, Riverdale is an easy-going murder mystery.

Stranger Things

‘The Goonies’ has had a sci-fi baby. This heart-thumping drama follows what happens when a young boy goes missing. His friends (who are, by the way, some of the best child actors on television), set out to find him. Young Millie Bobby Brown paves the way for cool, female actors, playing the mysterious Eleven. Genuinely cool, with a killer aesthetic, once you start Stranger Things, there’s no turning back.

13 Reasons Why

Based on the popular novel by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why is an exploration of high school events that lead to student Hannah Baker’s suicide. With a series of voice messages left on tapes, she unravels the events leading up to her death. Bringing to light a host of important topics and issues – mostly of suicide and the problems that so often surround it – this television show acts as lesson in kindness and awareness for every student, parent and human. A triumph for book to TV show adaptations.

Okay, Just One More Episode…

Go on, you know you want to! Delve into any one (or all!) of this top Netflix tv shows and escape the working week. Now, the big question – which one will you watch first?

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