March 21, 2023

Watch Video Essay/Guides To Twin Peaks The Journey Through The Peaks


The time has finally come, the long wait is over David Lynch‘s seminal cult 1990’s Television show Twin Peaks is back for a long-awaited third season. You don’t have to be a fan, we’ve known for several years it was returning, been teased poked, delayed, you name it the tv show has been through the works.

Depending what part of the world you are in or when you read this post, you may already have seen the premiere episode. Here in the UK, Sky Atlantic are launching the first episode in a simulcast same time through the night or the friendlier UK time of 9 pm 23rd May.

25 years ago the last episode of season two aired unless you have the box sets, the spin-off movies and probably can quote every memorable line, your mind might be a little rusty. With the first episode running 2hours with 18 hours in total, there’s a lot of catching up to do especially if you’re a little ring rusty. I’m not going to say I’m an expert, but I do remember watching the previous seasons when they aired in the UK on BBC2. So if you’re like me need a little reminder, we’ve able to collect a number of video guides, video essay’s that hope to get you back on track. We’re not going to say there perfect but hopefully, your mind will be a lot wiser and excited to the return to Twin Peaks!

This essay ‘Journey Through Twin Peaks’ is a 4-part video series analysing the narrative cycle of Twin Peaks, stretching from the pilot through Fire Walk With Me. Part 1, “Harmony of the Dark Woods” explores the pilot through the season 2 premiere, examining how the show perfectly balances its three core elements: Laura Palmer, the town of Twin Peaks, and FBI Agent Dale Cooper. This is only one part and you can check out Part two, Part Three and Part Four. It’s over Fours of insightful entertainment.

Now for another video “Previously, on Twin Peaks…” is a nice aperitif, a reminder that’s 55 minutes that will make you foam at the mouth with excitement…

source: Open culture