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UK Box Office Goes Supersonic For The Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2

When the Guardians Of The Galaxy arrived back in 2014, no one gave them a hope, many predicting this would be Marvel’s Cinematic Universe bubble burst. How wrong a prediction that turned out to be, with Volume 1 been an unexpected hit for James Gunn’s movie. Last week, 28th April those intergalactic A-Holes returned with a bang with Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2. The expectations were there and no surprise it rocketed into #1 at the UK and Irish Box Office this Bank Holiday Weekend with an awesome estimated £17.85 Million within its opening four days. This is the second highest opening of the year behind Disney’s own Beauty and the Beast. The three day opening is an out of this world estimated £13.06 Million, which sees this hilarious cosmic adventure shoot past the £6.5 million opening weekend figure for the original Guardians Of The Galaxy film, at the speed of light.

The now two-time Galaxy savers have kicked the behinds of their so called bigger comic book superhero movies with an opening Box Office weekend that beat their lifetime UK box Office. Beating Captain America (£10.3m), Thor (£14m), Ant-Man (£16.3m), Wolverine Origins (£16.3m), Superman Returns (£16.4m), Batman Begins (£16.5m), Iron Man (£17.4m).

The overall feeling from the critics is fun fun fun. We only gave it 3 stars however we didn’t hate the movie, we loved the fun element and you can read our review at this link.

So what’s next for Guardians Of The Galaxy? We’ve learned from James Gunn the director Volume.3 will take place after Avengers 4 movie. Whilst answering fan question Gunn was asked and made it clear volume 3 won’t be a precursor to the Avengers movies. This news may solidify the gossip that Adam Warlock maybe in the next movie but what purpose we don’t know at this stage nor do we know Warlock will play a part of the Infinity War either. It’s all gossip at the moment as the actual plots of these future movies have been created yet. [source:Screencrush]