Tom Hardy Is Set To Star As Venom, Zombieland Director To Direct

Tom Hardy Is Set To Star As Venom, Zombieland Director To Direct

Tom Hardy will be once again flexing his Villainous muscle once again in Superhero movie world as he’s set to star in the lead role in the Venom for >Sony Pictures.

Like Batman, the Spiderman cinematic universe has had a colourful history on the big screen with endless reboots.After introducing Tom Holland as the new Peter Parker/Spiderman in Captain American: Civil War, this July The Amazing Spiderman and now Sony are expanding the universe.

It seems the Spiderman spin-off has a director lined up and that director is Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer whose last work was directing episodes on Netflix Original series Santa Clara Diet.

Tom Hardy will play Eddie Brock a freelance photographer who becomes affects its host astonishing powers but ‘venomous’ dark side. After Spiderman returns from an alien world it’s then the Alien Symbiote attached itself to Spiderman but when Spidey realises he gets rid of it. Brock found the symbiote and the reign of terror kicked off and the birth of one of Spidey’s most iconic villains in the character’s history.

Earlier today Sony Pictures posted an image of Tom Hardy wearing a venom t-shirt on Twitter…

Hardy’s last experience as a comic-book villain was playing the Batman villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. A colossal bulking figure like Venom, ironically a character powered by a drug called ‘Venom’. The English actor was also lined up to play Rick Flagg in the DCEU flop Suicide Squad, however, pulled out due to scheduling and Joel Kinnaman took the role instead.

Actor Topher Grace was the last actor to play Eddie Brock/Venom on the big screen in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3. The character has taken on many forms and it seems this movie will go back to the early days starting as Eddie as the photographer eventually transforming.There’s no word on the actual plot or if this movie will tie in with a future Spiderman movie

The movie will be scripted by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner(The Amazing Spiderman 2) and will be set for an October 2018 release date.You can see Tom Hardy next in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk on 21st July.


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